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How to Download and Set up Kami Chrome Extension?

Kami is an excellent extension that assists you with a file reader, editor, and a collaborative tool that you can easily access in Google Marketplace. It also helps you to merge and split the documents and is majorly beneficial for the students. You can get the extension from Webstore and to create an account in it you also require a school email address.

Kami is easy to use and known for its features such as a document and file reader, editor, and a collaborative tool that you can easily access in Google Marketplace. A number of schools and colleges use the Kami extension in order to provide online classrooms during the Covid-19 pandemic.

There are many features that make Kami stand apart from its competition. The ability to merge and split documents and built-in OCR is what I like the most.

Kami’s Chrome extension is built while keeping productivity in mind. Since most of the schooling and corporate meetings have shifted to the online mediums, the Kami extension helps thousands of individuals every day to make online presentations and meetings hassle-free.

If you’re a teacher or student and want to start using the Kami chrome extension for your full potential, then here is a complete guide to downloading and setting up the Kami extension.

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Why choose Kami Chrome Extension?

Kami provides a better understanding between teachers and students with advanced online collaboration and annotation. During the Covid-19 pandemic, over 11 million teachers and students used Kami worldwide.

  • You can use Kami as a digital whiteboard while presenting your document on-screen.
  • No issue with privacy and security.
  • Totally ads-free and bloatware-free tool.
  • With the help of Kami tools, you can easily access any type of document.

Kami extension featured image

This is just a piece of cake, the Kami offers a lot more than just an editor. It’s a full package collaboration tool.

Features Of Kami Extension

The kami extension is quite a useful productive app extension that can be used for collaboration. Whether in a meeting at workspace or assignment at college/school.

  • It supports many file types such as .pdf, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .docx, .pptx, etc.
  • It is free for Students and Teachers.
  • Alliance with education supervision rules.
  • Useful while splitting and merging documents.
  • Live collaboration and automatically saving the files in Google drive.
  • With the help of built-in OCR, easily detect text on scanned files.
  • By the use of this, you can easily insert a signature on any file.
  • The best feature of Kami is that you can easily convert any file into PDF format without any charge.

If you’ve saved a web page as a PDF in Chrome, then you can even edit the PDF file using the Kami extension.

Download and Setup Kami Chrome Extension

There are different ways to access Kami for projects. Of course, one can always download Kami from Chrome Web Store for free.

Kami Extension Add to Chrome CTA

Download Kami

You can also download it from the Microsoft app store to install it on Microsoft Edge chromium. And it is also easily available for other browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, etc.).

Installing and Setting up Kami

If you need to install Kami on your system, then follow the procedure given below to ensure you have full functionality with all of the tools:

  • Open Chrome web store and search for the Kami extension.
  • Download and Install the Kami extension.
  • Talk to your school administrators and tell them to deploy Kami across your school’s domain.
    Install Kami in School or Workspace
  • You need to create an account on Kami using your school email address.
  • Open Kami and use it.

The Kami extension will be installed on your school network and can be used for collaboration.

Connecting Google Drive To Kami

Kami works best if you connect it with online storage solutions such as Google drive. It will help you to send and receive documents across different devices.

Here are the steps to connect your google drive to Kami Extension:

  1. Open and tap on My Drive.
  2. Right-click on any PDF file.
  3. A menu opens, and from there select Open with as shown in the picture.
    Connect more apps in Google Drive
  4. Click on the Connect more apps option.
  5. Then search for Kami and tap on Connect command button.
    Kami PDF Document Annotation Connect apps to Drive

Once Google Drive has been connected, then your Kami extension is now ready to use. Open the document as per your need and start annotating with Kami.

Bottom Line: Kami Chrome Extension

Recently, I used Kami, and my experience was quite fascinating. It allows you to draw or write on any document. My college uses Kami to allow us to write our assignments digitally via Google Classroom.

There are two features that I liked most about Kami. It seamlessly integrates with Google Classroom, and it saves your progress in real-time, whether you save it or not.

Kami is free to use for both students and teachers but some amazing features are only available on the Premium version (Voice commenting, Video commenting, or Inserting images). I wish that Kami provides such useful features in their free version itself.

As mentioned, the Kami extension is part of a productive chrome extension blog post. You will find more than 20 productive extensions.

Share with us what you think about the Kami extension and how you or your organization use it.

FAQs: Kami Chrome Extension

Now, let us go through the major frequently asked questions regarding Kami Chrome Extension.

How to download and install the Kami Extension?

Go to the web store and search for Kami Extension. Now, download and install the extension and also create an account for yourself using your school email address.

How to connect the Kami Extension to Google Drive?

Open your Google Drive and tap on My Drive, now right-click on any PDF or document and tap on open with. Now, go to Connect More Apps and search for Kami, and tap on Connect.

What are the major features of the Kami Extension?

Some of the major features of Kami Extension include supervision rules, free of cost, splitting, and merging documents, Live collaboration, built-in OCR, etc. 

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