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How to Enable Force Zoom for Mobile site in Chrome Android?

Mobile Browsing can sometimes be difficult because of the small texts and pictures. Especially the sites which restrict the zooming feature makes it tough for the users to view. So, Chrome offers you to enable the force Zoom option to override the settings of such sites. To do so, go to the three dots in the corner of the Chrome browser and tap on settings. From here, open the Accessibility tab and tap to check the Enable Force Zoom.

Have you ever visited a website that has a small text which is hard to read? We often pinch-zoom to magnify the screen layout which makes it difficult to read. But few prominent mobile sites do not allow this and restrict zooming text or pictures while using a mobile browser.

For example: when you launch a Facebook website in the chrome browser instead of the native app. Facebook restricts screen zooming which makes the texts or pictures difficult to view clearly.

This happens on the Twitter mobile site as well. I have been facing this issue whenever I logged in to Twitter on my chrome browser. It made reading and browsing extremely difficult.

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To override the restriction on website zoom, we can enable the zoom chrome android. You can just touch-pinch to zoom in chrome on any website after enabling the force zoom feature.

How to Enable Force Zoom on Chrome Android?

The force chrome zoom android typically overrides the website’s settings to block zooming. Hence, it enables the screen to zoom or magnify on every mobile site.

Here are the steps to enable force zooming in Chrome Android:

  1. Launch Google Chrome for Android.
  2. Tap on vertical 3dots icon the menu for options.
  3. Select the Settings from the list of options.
  4. Scroll down and tap on the Accessibility tab.
  5. Mark the check box against the Enable force zoom option.
  6. Reload the website that you need to pinch ZOOM.

Force enable zoom accessibility chrome android

That’s it. You will now be allowed to use the zoom chrome android on websites that didn’t allow to zoom earlier in Chrome Android.

Few famous sites that do not allow Force zoom are:, Twitter, Instagram. If you enable force zoom then you will be able to zoom on these sites.

Video on Force Zoom in Chrome Android

In this video tutorial, we are going to enable force zooming on the mobile sites that do not allow zooming on pinching the screen.

How to Enable Force Zoom for Mobile site in Chrome Android?

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Bottom Line: Chrome Android Force Zoom

The force zoom is quite a useful and accessible feature available in chrome android. Especially for the people who are visually impaired or have difficulty reading small text.

After I started using zoom chrome android, I could smoothly browse through Twitter on the browser without any problems. It caused no strain on my eyes now and make the whole reading process very easy and convenient.

If you do not want to enable the force zoom option, then you can alternatively enable the desktop site view option in chrome android. This will load the website in full-screen desktop format and also allow zooming without the force zoom being enabled.

Similarly, you can also zoom in or out on the chrome computer browser using the built-in option. You can also use the keyboard shortcut on google chrome for the computer.

Do you like the zoom chrome android option on your smartphone? Why do you use force zoom on your mobile?


How to enable the Force Zoom for Mobile site in Chrome Android?

If you want to enable the Force Zoom for Mobile sites in Chrome Android then you need to simply tap on the three dots in the corner. Now, click on the settings and tap on Accessibility, and check the box against Enable Force Zoom.

How can I Zoom in the sites in Chrome, if the site has restricted Zoom in Feature?

If certain Mobile sites have a restricted Zooming feature then you can override this setting by enabling the Force Zoom in Chrome Android.

Can I Zoom the mobile sites that have restricted the Zooming feature?

Yes, Enable Force Zoom option in Chrome Android will help you to zoom the sites that have restricted zooming features.

Lastly, here are the recommended web browsers for computer and mobile phone that you should give a try.

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6 thoughts on “How to Enable Force Zoom for Mobile site in Chrome Android?”

  1. Unfortunately, this method does not work with Android 5.0.1.
    From which version on is this possible and is it possible to upgrade a Lenova_YOGA Tablet 2 Pro-1380F to a higher Android version?

    1. Hi Benjamin, do you have the latest version of Google Chrome? You need to update the Chrome App from Google Playstore. Perhaps you have the older Android OS 5.0.1 which might be a little older for Chrome support.

      As far as upgrading the device is considered, you can check for the Android Open Source Project for available your device. Something like LineageOS, POSP, etc.

  2. I don’t remember if that was in Chrome but Chrome-engine browser hid an URL address after I had zoomed in and scrolled a site. Currently, when I look at zoomed in image, the stupid URL address eats a little space. Cheers 🙂

  3. I was able to enable this and now I can zoom in on websites. However, Google Chrome does not format the page correctly, other web browsers allow you to zoom in and it wraps the text to fit the window. This is standard for websites and browsers but Google Chrome won’t do it

  4. As usual google products cannot do what beta version products could do 20 years ago. For example FULLY control a website’s overall (pixel-based) zoom level ON ANDROID in desktop mode (like the user can do on a desktop computer). Instead it’s just some “control text size” bs that doesn’t do what is needed.

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