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How to Enable Full Screen on Google Chrome Browser?

Learn how to enable and use Google Chrome in Full-Screen mode. The full screen will hide all options, menu, and URL bar for a distraction-free experience.

Are you someone who gets easily distracted by petty things? Do you think distractions on the web can make you less productive and divert your attention to unwanted things?

Well, I do not know about you but I certainly get very easily distracted when I am working on Google Chrome and start procrastinating my work to look at unnecessary things. All this happens because our attention gets easily diverted to the taskbar, notifications, or even bookmarks present in Chrome.

What if I told you that you can avoid all this? Well, the best way out is to enable full screen on your Google Chrome web browser. When you do so, you eliminate all distractions on your screen including the menu buttons, bookmarks tab, open tabs, and so on. You only have access to the full screen that you are browsing.

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Just the other day, I saw my younger sister getting distracted by the other open tabs on her laptop that also included YouTube. She would go back to that tab and watch videos instead of studying. I decided to help her by enabling the full screen on Google Chrome. Let’s see how!

Enable Full Screen on Chrome for Windows

Most of us use Windows as we find it convenient and easy to use than all the other operating systems. It is also true that we prefer using Google Chrome over other browsers. Now, let us see how Chrome can be free of distractions.

Follow these steps to enable full-screen mode for Chrome on Windows:

  1. Launch Google Chrome browser on Windows OS.
  2. Click on vertical 3dots icon for the menu option.
  3. Go to the Zoom menu section, and hit on the Square icon.
    Google Chrome Full Screen Option on Computer
  4. The web page will be viewed in full-screen mode now.
    Google Chrome Full Screen Mode Activated

If you wish to go back to normal mode, keypress F11 button or hover on top and click on the X button.

If you want an easy method to enable the full-screen mode, just press F11 keyboard shortcut for Chrome. It will enable the full-screen mode on Chrome.

Both of these methods will help you to browse without distractions as they will hide all the other options present on a webpage. The full-screen mode is quite efficient and productive for all users.

Full Screen on Chrome for macOS

If you use a device that runs on macOS, worry not. We have a way to enter fullscreen for you as well.

Follow these steps to enable full screen for Google Chrome on Mac:

  1. Launch Google Chrome browser on macOS.
  2. Click on vertical 3dots icon for the menu option.
  3. Go to the Zoom menu section, and hit on the Square icon.
    Full Screen option menu on Chrome MacOS computer
  4. You will have Google Chrome on full screen.

You can easily exit the full screen mode using the chrome keyboard shortcut Control + Command + F to exit full-screen mode.

You can also click on the small green dot at the top-left corner of Chrome. It will enable the full-screen mode instantly.

Full Screen button on Chrome App in Macbook

Bottom Line: Google Chrome Full Screen Mode

We all wish to be free of distractions and work peacefully. Sometimes, it’s not possible due to a variety of reasons but we should try to control the ones that we can. For instance, switching to full screen on Google Chrome can help a lot in erasing distractions and making you more productive.

No matter which operating system you use, we have got you covered. We have provided a solution to both Operating Systems above so you can take your pick! It will help you do your work more efficiently and save a lot of time that is lost in scrolling through unwanted pages.

I enabled the full-screen mode on my sister’s desktop too and it has helped her immensely in becoming more productive and also freed her from distractions. She was relieved.

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What is your opinion of the full-screen mode on Chrome? Do you like full screen while working on your computer?

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