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How to Enable Reader Mode on Brave browser

Learn how to enable the reader mode or simplified text mode on the Brave browser on the computer. It helps eliminate unwanted distractions while reading.

The Brave browser offers a great SpeedReader or Reader’s Mode feature that eliminates distractions and unwanted pop-ups. The mode will clear the website design elements and translate them into simplified textual paragraphs like in books. We can enable or disable the SpeedReader mode of the individual pages using the toggle button in the address bar.

Reader Mode on Brave browser

Getting distracted while working or browsing the internet is no unusual phenomenon. The internet is filled with things that engage us so much that we often forget our original purpose for being online.

Getting sidetracked by a random pop-up or ad is very common these days. But it hampers our productivity and makes us lose precious time. Thankfully, multiple solutions can help us. Ad blockers, pop-up blockers, and tools like the reader mode help us stay focused.

Let’s talk about the reader mode. A reader mode is a feature of many browsers that declutters a page. Only the page’s contents are displayed, and distracting elements like ads, pop-ups, etc., are eliminated. It makes the contents of the page easier to read and understand.

The reader mode feature is helpful for many people who have difficulty concentrating on a webpage due to interruptions.

There is a Reader mode and SpeedReader mode on the Brave browser to help users simplify web pages. Enabling them is simple, and doing so can positively affect your workflow.

Reader and SpeedReader mode

Reader Mode is a Brave browser feature that reduces advertisements, clutter, and interruptions. The Reader mode allows the simplified viewing of web pages. It transforms web pages into a more readable format. The reader mode is beneficial when a web page has many elements.

On the other hand, the SpeedReader mode is another mode similar to the reader mode but with a twist. It is more appropriate for websites that contain article-style texts. Before a website loads, the SpeedReader mode eliminates all non-essential material, conserving user time while eliminating advertisements, banners, etc. SpeedReader identifies which pages are appropriate for streamlining and dramatically improves the browsing experience.

The Reader and SpeedReader modes are helpful, but it is hard to say which is better. Both of them work efficiently. However, the SpeedReader mode has the edge over the Reader mode since it loads web pages faster and reduces network use.

Enable Reader Mode Flag

The Brave browser automatically keeps most of the flags set to Default. However, we can disable or enable the flags to change settings. We can enable the Reader or SpeedReader mode flag from the Brave browser flags page.

Here are the steps to enable the Speed Reader mode:

  1. Launch Brave browser on the computer.
  2. Type brave://flags and hit Enter key.
    Enter Brave Flags in Browser URL barIt will open the Brave browser flags page.
  3. In the search bar on the flags page, search for the term – Reader.
    Enable SpeedReader Mode Flag in Brave BrowserThe Enable SpeedReader and Enable Reader Mode options will be displayed
  4. Choose the Enabled option from the drop-down list to enable the flags.

The mode will be applied once you relaunch the browser. You can also disable it or choose other options from the drop-down menu later.

Enable Reader Mode Loading

Once the flags are enabled, the options to enable the Speedreader or Reader mode will be enabled. You can enable the toggle button for Brave to autoload the reader mode.

Here are the steps to enable Speed Reader Mode:

  1. Launch the Brave app on the computer.
  2. Click on More horizontal 3bar icon for options and select the Settings menu.
    Brave browser Settings menu option
  3. Switch to the Appearance tab from the sidebar.
  4. Enable the toggle button for the SpeedReader option.
    Speedreader Brave Browser autoloading Reader Mode
  5. Open any news website for the Speedreader in action.
    Speedreader Reader Mode loading on the Brave browser for NYTimes news site

The website will be loaded in reader mode. You can click the Reader Mode icon in the Address bar to disable the Speedreader mode if needed.

info icon
Note: The Speedreader mode does not work on all the websites. It is only active on popular content-heavy sites.

Bottom Line

Brave browser is an excellent browser that has many little features that are entirely amazing. The reader mode or speed reader mode is one of those features that help the user be productive. Anyone can enable either of the modes and avoid being distracted by ads or other clutter.

The reader mode helps users to view the streamlined version of a webpage, while the speed reader mode enables the users to view webpages with texts (articles or so) more easily. The speed reader mode is Brave browser’s take on most browsers’ reader mode feature.

The reader and speed reader modes must be switched manually since they are not available as natural features. Switching these modes is not as simple as accessing the browser settings and turning them on.

Lastly, if you've any thoughts or feedback on How to Enable Reader Mode on Brave browser, then feel free to drop in below comment box. You can also report the outdated information.

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