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How to Navigate Forward and Backward in Samsung Internet

Navigation is one of the most critical controls all internet users must know. So, to Navigate forward in the Samsung browser, hit on the forward-facing icon, and in case of backward navigation, tap on the backward-facing icon at the bottom of the screen in the menu bar. You can also use the browser history to visit old pages.

Learning how to use the Samsung Internet browser can be a pain, especially if you have recently joined the Samsung Internet bandwagon.

Fortunately, the Samsung Internet browser comes with easy to use interface and is designed in such a way as to offer easy forward and backward navigation.

There have been times when I was short of time and had to go through multiple tabs at once. In such a case, skipping a tab or two is obvious. To help me deal with that, forward and backward navigation has always been helpful.

You can access forward and backward navigation within the Samsung Internet browser. This navigation within the browsing session will help you continue reading and connecting the skipped pages.

Instead of searching for the same term or webpage again in the search engine or history, we can navigate backward and forward within the Samsung browser.

Navigate Forward and Backward

The navigation buttons within the Samsung Internet browser are pretty visible, unlike Google Chrome which is hidden under the menu icon. We can practice with the forward and backward buttons of the Samsung Internet browser.

Here are steps to browse forward or navigate backward on Samsung Internet: 

  1. Launch the Samsung Internet browser.
  2. Open any website, say, and start navigating through the pages.
  3.  Now, if you wish to return to the previous page, click the backward backward icon button.
    Samsung Internet backward button
  4. Next, if you want to go forward, click the forward forward icon button.
    Samsung internet forward button

If the backward or forward button changes are greyed out, you are on the last or first page, respectively. You can tap and hold these buttons to launch the browser history menu. These buttons are enough to make your browser navigation easy.

Please note that the navigation button works only in an active browsing session. Once you close and reopen the browser, the navigation will start fresh.

Bottom Line: Navigation in Samsung Internet

During the browsing session, we see the need to move back to the previous web page or the next page. At that time, the backward and forward buttons offered by Samsung Internet came in handy. These navigation buttons are easy to find and use.

The navigation buttons have helped me a lot while browsing the Samsung Internet. They help me manage my time well and not miss pages while browsing.

What is your opinion of the navigation buttons on the Samsung Internet browser? Do you know that if you tap and hold these navigation buttons, it will display the previous and next pages along with the History menu?

Lastly, if you've any thoughts on How to Navigate Forward and Backward in Samsung Internet, then feel free to drop in below comment box.

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