How to Clear Search History on Samsung Internet?

Learn how to clear the search terms and browsing history from the Samsung Internet browser. You can delete the site data and search history from the browser.

We use a web browser every day to perform several tasks on the web such as online banking, Facebook, reading, etc. Your browser tends to store this information for several purposes, in the long run, this stored information can bring problems. So it is always a good idea to clear search history in Samsung Internet promptly.

After clearing the search history, you will not only secure your browser but also enhance the browsing experience positively. Also, if you share your smartphone with someone else, then you might not wish to let them know what you’re browsing on the last day.

A few days ago, I was exploring some birthday gift ideas on Google. I have come across several exciting ideas. At the same time, my friend asks me to borrow my phone as he wants to check out a website. I don’t want to let him know that I’m preparing a surprise birthday gift for him. So before handing over the phone to him, I have cleared my search history on Samsung Internet.

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Fortunately, the Samsung Internet browser offers an easy way to clear search history. Though it doesn’t have a dedicated option to just clear the search terms, you need to clear the site data. This option is not viable if you regularly use the Samsung browser to sign-in to your online account. Clearing the site data will also sign-out from the online account.

Clear Search Terms from Samsung Internet

The Samsung Internet saves all the search phrases that we use for looking up on search engines. These search terms are used for reusability and personalization. However, we can easily clear these search keywords from the Samsung browser with a single tap.

Here are the steps to clear the search words from Samsung Internet:

  1. Launch the Samsung Internet browser on phone.
  2. Tap to enter any phrase in the Search Omnibox.
  3. Enter a phrase and hit on Search.
  4. Clear the Omnibox field.
    This will start displaying the recent search terms as well as most search words.
  5. Tap on the X next to search term.
    Samsung Internet Clear Search Phrases History
  6. Hit on the Delete button to confirm.

This will delete the search term record from the browser history. This is quite a tedious process if you’ve tonnes of search terms. Hence, clearing the browser data should also be considered as complimentary.

Clear Browsing History in Samsung Internet

Samsung Internet browser does not have a dedicated option or setting to clear only search history or search terms within browser options field. Instead, we need to clear the site data and browsing history.

Here are the steps to clear the search history on Samsung Internet:

  1. Launch the Samsung Internet browser on your Android smartphone.
  2. Tap on horizontal 3bar icon for menu list.
  3. Select the Settings menu from the list.
  4. Under the Advanced section, tap on the Privacy and security menu.
    Privacy and Security menu tab in Samsung Internet
  5. Now under the Personal data section, tap on the Delete browser data menu tab.
    Delete browsing data menu option on Samsung Internet
  6. Enable the checkbox for Browsing history, Cache, and Cookies and site data.
    Delete browsing data - History Cookies and Cache from Samsung Internet
  7. Hit on the Delete button to confirm your request.

This will clear the search and browsing history from the Samsung Internet browser. Any search terms that were stored in the Samsung browser will also be removed.

Bottom Line: Samsung Internet Clear Search History

This is how you can clear search history on Samsung Internet. We would recommend you clear your browsing history regularly to keep your personal browsing information safe. Clearing browser history will not only free up space but also speed up the webpage’s loading.

I feel the Samsung Internet should also add an option to clear just the search term history from the browser. Perhaps, that will be a good add-on for regular Internet browser users.

Whenever someone asks me to borrow my phone, the first thing I do is to clear the browsing history. This feature allows me to browse anything stress-free.

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How do you find the option to clear the search history? Have you ever cleared the site data from Samsung Internet?

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3 Responses

  1. Paul says:

    In the first section, which is clearing search term from Samsung internet; when I hit the delete button, it doesn’t delete that term. I used to delete it that way before but I don’t know what I did, it won’t delete search term anymore.
    Any suggestions.


    • Editor says:

      Hello Paul, you should consider clearing the cache storage of the Samsung Internet browser.

      • Paul says:

        Clearing the whole browsing history is not a problem but I would like to be able to delete one or two search terms that I don’t want there, I have been doing that all the time until I accidently did something to my s9, it won’t delete individual search term anymore; I tap the cross (X), then the message come that you searched this before , deleting will permanently remove this, then CANCEL or DELETE, I click delete, but it doesn’t delete that term.
        Thanks for reply anyways

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