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How to Clear History in Samsung Internet

Learn how to clear the browsing history from the Samsung Internet browser on your device. You can use the clear Personal browsing data option to delete history.

The Samsung Internet browser keeps a record of all the website visits and videos watched in the browsing history section. However, to protect privacy, you can clear the ‘Browsing history’ from the ‘Delete browsing data’ menu under the ‘Personal browsing data’ settings page for entire time period. It will keep your history away from unauthorized accesses.

Clear Browsing History in Samsung Internet

The Samsung Internet is an efficient browser designed for Android users. It works effectively on all the latest Samsung devices as well.

The browser keeps track of all the sites you visit. It is excellent if you continue to visit a website frequently or want to take your browsing data as a reference. You can visit the browsing history in More options > History menu from the bottom menubar.

However, it can be harmful to your data privacy. It gives scammers access to your private information and the sites you visit daily. It is advised to clean it regularly to avoid any unnecessary accumulated data.

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Note: Clearing the browser history will delete information about all the sites you’ve visited, and videos watch. If required, you can bookmark important links.

Clear History in Samsung Internet

The Samsung Internet records all the websites you visit daily. This contributes to the browsing history. It should be removed frequently to value your privacy and keep your data safe. The steps to do that are as follows:

  1. Open Samsung Internet on your device.
  2. Tap on the More horizontal 3bar icon options and select the Settings menu.
    Settings menu in Samsung Internet browserIt will open the Internet browser settings menu.
  3. Select the Personal Browsing Data menu on the settings page and tap the Delete Browsing Data option.
    Delete browsing data option menu in Samsung Internet
  4. Enable the checkbox for the ‘Browsing History‘ option.
    Delete browsing history data from the Samsung Internet browser
  5. Hit the Delete data command.

It will clear the history records from the browser, and you will lose access to all the sites you have visited. If you have anything important links to remember, it is advised to bookmark them before cleaning.

Bottom Line

Samsung Internet Browser gives you full access to the deletion and retention of the data on your device. After clearing the browsing history, you will ensure more privacy for your data and information stored on the device. If you’re device is used by many people, it can also prevent the sneaking around of others.

It is highly recommended to perform the clearing of these data frequently to make your browser more efficient and fast. History is stored as the browsing data along with cookies and cache files which you should consider for cleanup.

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