How to Open Incognito Mode and New Tabs in Chrome iOS?

Learn how to open a new tab and start incognito mode in chrome iOS. The incognito or private mode does not store browsing info to protect privacy and data.

When I research online for my college assignments, I generally keep multiple tabs open for research, thesis, etc. And the new tabs feature in Chrome iOS comes in handy for this purpose. And in case I want to access any suspicious website, then I can open incognito mode in Chrome iOS for better security, as it does not send sensitive data.

I’m sure you also use multiple tabs while surfing the internet. One might be youtube, other Facebook, and a couple of others to name. The ability to multitask using multiple new tabs in Chrome is a blessing for iPhone users. Where Safari can not handle numerous tabs, Chrome is your ultimate best friend.

Just like new tab and private tab in Safari browser, Chrome iOS have a new tab and Incognito tab, which function quite the same; however, Chrome is optimized for more performance and gives you excellent multitasking capabilities.

And in case you want to open any explicit website, you can always use Chrome Incognito mode, which is fast, secure, reliable, and waves no history tracks.

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As we discussed earlier, Chrome has two types of new tab options. One for general purpose use, and others when you don’t want to keep any history traces. We will guide both of these modes and how you can use them efficiently.

How to Open New Tab in Chrome iOS?

If you want to open Chrome, it will directly go to Google’s web page. For most users, it is more than sufficient as people mostly use Google for their every day searching needs.

However, if you have a specific website, which you want to use, then the new Tab feature in Chrome iOS will surely help you out.

Follow these steps to open a New Tab in Chrome iOS:

  1. Open Chrome iOS app.
  2. Click on plus add icon icon at the bottom.
    New Tab and Tabs icon in Chrome iOS
  3. A new tab will open instantly, enter the website URL to proceed further.
    Enter Website URL in Chrome iOS

You can also click on the Tabs icon to open multiple tabs view. Here you can click on the “Add” button to add more new tabs as you require.

How to Start Incognito Mode in Chrome iOS?

Incognito Tab is a useful tab that the bottom of the does not keep track of your history, cookies, login data, etc. You can use it to visit any non-trusted website or any online source for which you don’t want to record history.

Note: Your ISP may track your online activity even if you use Incognito Tab.

Follow these steps to open Incognito Tab in Chrome iOS:

  1. Open Chrome iOS app.
  2. Click on the Tabs icon (at the bottom of your screen).
  3. It will show you present active tabs. Swipe left-to-right to enter Incognito Mode.
    Chrome iOS Active Incognito Tabs
  4. Click on the plus add icon button, and a new Incognito tab will become active.

Similarly, you can also close all active tabs from the same tabs menu. Simply tap on Close All command to kill all the active tabs.

Add and Close All Tabs in Chrome iOS

Hit on Done button once you’ve added or closed all the tabs in chrome iOS.

Switch between Normal and Incognito Mode

If you actively use Normal and Incognito mode in Chrome iOS, then you need a quick way to navigate between the two. You can click on the tabs icon to reveal active tabs.

Switch between Incognito and Normal Tabs in Chrome iOS

You can swipe left or right to reveal other tabs such as incognito tabs and recently closed tabs.

Bottom Line: Chrome iOS Incognito Mode

I’m an Internet raccoon, and Chrome is what I use daily. Incognito or private tabs and new tabs are handy when you browse multiple websites from the internet.

If you ever use someone’s phone for opening your Facebook or Internet banking account, always use incognito mode as it never saves any history, password, or cache.

Knowledge of incognito mode and new tabs in Chrome iOS can help you to keep your online identity safe and boosts your productivity by switching between multiple tabs as required.

Similarly, you can also start incognito mode and new tabs in chrome mac computer. The feature offered by both computer and mobile incognito mode is the same.

Let us know how useful you find the incognito or private mode in the chrome iOS browser?

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