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How to Print and Save as PDF in Chrome iPhone/iPad?

Learn how to print a web page content using the chrome browser on iPhone or iPad directly to the connected cloud printer. You can preview and change settings.

The PDF is probably the most used file extension that can be shared online as a document file. It maintains the format without compromising the design. It’s also used as an offline file type that doesn’t require internet once downloaded.

Whenever we travel a long distance, we often face the network connectivity issue. Hence, I always keep an offline copy of the Wikipedia page that I want to consume on the go.

We can also use the offline reading in chrome iOS, but it may lag sometimes and hinder your reading. Therefore, I always prefer PDF over everything.

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Thankfully, the Chrome iPhone offers the feature to print the webpage as well as save it as a PDF file. We can store this PDF file and also share it externally.

How to Print Pages from Chrome iPhone?

There are times when you wish to read long-form content on the web but due to certain restrictions, your mind keeps wandering out. In such a case, you should always switch to the PDF format and take a print out of the same so that you can read without distractions and focus your full attention on the content. To do so, one should know how to print pages from chrome iPhone.

Here are the steps on how to print pages from Chrome iPhone or iPad:

  1. Launch the Google Chrome browser on the iPhone.
  2. Open a webpage that you need to give a print.
  3. Tap on apple share icon share icon in the URL bar.
  4. Select the Print option from the list.
    Chrome iPhone Print option command
  5. Choose the Printer tab to Select Printer.
    Chrome iPhone Print Preview Window
  6. The browser will look up for available printer and display list.
    Chrome iOS looking for printer
  7. Select a printer from list and hit on Print command button.

The chrome will send a print instruction to the printer and the selected web page will be printer as per your needs.

Within the Print Options page, apart from selecting a printer, we can select the range of pages to be printed and also the number of copies to be printed. We can also check the print preview if the quality is appearing as per our needs.

How to Print and Save as PDF in Chrome iOS?

There are times when the notifications on the internet can serve as a distraction for your reading. At times like these, it is important that we download the webpage as a PDF so that it is not only free of distractions but also available offline. We should know how to print and save as PDF in Chrome iOS to get the desired results.

Here are the steps to print and save a web page as PDF on chrome browser on iOS:

  1. Launch the Google Chrome browser on the iPhone.
  2. Open a webpage that you need to give a print.
  3. Tap on apple share icon share icon in the URL bar.
  4. Select Print option from the list.
    Chrome iPhone Print option command
  5. Tap-and-hold the Print Preview pane within the Print Options tab.
    Print Preview Full mode in Chrome iOSThis will expand the print preview page.
  6. Tap on Print Preview and hit on apple share icon icon.
  7. Hit on Save to Files command tab.
    Save the Print PDF to Files folder
  8. Choose the desire output folder for saving the PDF.
  9. Hit on Save command button.
    Save the Print as PDF file from Chrome iOS in iPhone Folders

That’s it. The print as a PDF file will be stored locally on your iPhone device within the selected storage location or iCloud. You can use any PDF viewer app to open the PDF file.

Since the Print PDF file is stored within your device, you can share with any medium or app from your iPhone. The file stored in iCloud will be synced and available across devices.

Bottom Line: Print and Save as PDF in Chrome iOS

Printing a web page and saving the web page as a PDF file is a great feature that allows keeping an offline copy of pages. The PDF files can also be saved in iCloud and shared with others over different mediums.

I use this feature extensively since I have to study for my exams online these days. I make sure to convert the webpage into PDF format and take a printout of the same so that I can read on the go and study without any distractions.

Similarly, we can also print and save as PDF in chrome computer browser. Whether it be a mac or windows operating system, the Save as PDF feature is available in Google Chrome.

Let us know your opinion of the save as PDF feature in Chrome iPhone in the comments below. Which web page have you printed and saved as PDF?

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  2. Thankful

    Life saver! Thank you. For those of you trying to SAVE this locally on iOS, When you select the file to PRINT, and you tap and hold on the preview, you need to TAP the previewed page that should now have a blue checkmark below it. That then opens the full document in a Preview-like app.

    1. WhySoDifficult

      Thanks, this version of instructions worked on my iPad iOS 15.

  3. Julie

    Ahh! Thank you so much! I’ve been trying to print for ages and it always says it can’t find an air printer. This is so much better.

  4. Laurence Marks

    Complete nonsense! It starts “Looking for printers” and never goes further. (There seems to be some hidden requirement for a real printer or print spooler, even if you only want to print to PDF. Was this ever really tested in this common scenario?)

  5. Rakesh

    I am losing data on print click.

    1. Editor

      Hi Rakesh, try to change the printer settings while previewing.

  6. This does work , iOS on iPad, but why on earth don’t google make it an obvious proper feature, this is a workaround, thanks for it

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