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How to Print Website and Save as PDF in Chrome Computer?

The site pages in Chrome can be saved as a PDF or can be printed in an offline format so that whenever you are out of network or internet connection, you can easily access the page through the PDF. To save the website page in PDF format, one has to launch the site in Chrome and then tap on the three dots at the cornerr. Next, tap on the print option and select the destination as Save as PDF and tap on Save.

We have learned how to save a website in HTML format for offline access. Similarly, we can also print and save a website page in a PDF file for offline reference. These PDF files can also be shared and can be opened by any reader just like normal PDF files.

Google Chrome offers an inbuilt feature to save the website as a PDF file when we give to use the print button. We can also customize the file layout and settings while printing to save the PDF in the required layout and structure.

I am a voracious reader and also a Literature student. Sometimes it is difficult to read the text of the poem on a website due to the notifications. The best way to read on a website without distractions is to save it as pdf chrome for future reference.

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Google Chrome also has a built-in PDF reader that opens the PDF file within the browser area. All you need is to drag and drop the PDF file on the Chrome browser, or just right-click on the options menu on the PDF file and select open with Chrome.

How to Print and Save as PDF in Chrome Computer?

The portal document file is easy to carry and shared using any medium. With chrome’s ability to print and save a website page as PDF, it becomes even more useful than ever. The save as pdf chrome feature is really useful and makes your work easier.

Here are the steps to save a website page and print it as a PDF in the Chrome browser on any computer device:

  1. Launch the Google Chrome browser on the computer.
  2. Open the Website URL that you need to print and save it as a PDF file.
  3. Click on vertical 3dots icon the menu for options.
  4. Select the Print… option from the menu list.
  5. Under the destination drop-down, select the Save as PDF option.
  6. Customize the Layout and other Print settings if required.
  7. Click on the Save command button to save the page as a PDF file.

Print and Save as PDF in Chrome Computer

This will automatically create a PDF file and save it locally on the computer system at the selected location. You can also open the PDF document in the Chrome browser as it supports the PDF reader. The chrome print to pdf can be used for a variety of purposes.

Bottom Line: Chrome Computer Save as PDF

The save as pdf chrome options are wonderful. The website pages can now be saved as pdf documents and carried using any storage devices, or even saved locally just like offline documents. The save as pdf chrome is an efficient feature.

After I started using chrome print to pdf, I could save any website as pdf and carry it anywhere I want. It also helps me stay away from distractions and focus completely on the text I’m reading. The print to pdf chrome has made everything extremely useful.

Similarly, we can also print and save a webpage as a PDF in the chrome android browser. However, we cannot open the PDF file in chrome android, perhaps we will need a PDF reader app. My personal favorite is the Office app by Microsoft. It not only opens the .PDF but even .DOCX, .PPTX, .XLSX and other office document formats without any issues.

Did you even try downloading the webpage as a PDF on Google Chrome? How was your experience in printing a webpage?\

FAQs: Print Website and Save as PDF in Chrome Computer

Now, let us go through some of the frequently asked questions on how to Print a Website Page and Save it as PDFs on Chrome Computer.

How to save the Website page as PDF on Chrome Computer?

To save the site page as PDF in Chrome Computer, firstly open the web page and tap on the three dots at the top right corner of the screen, and open the Print option. From there under the destination option select Save as PDF and tap on Save.

How to print the site Page from Chrome Computer?

To print the Page from Chrome Computer, tap on the three dots at the top right corner of Chrome and select the Print option. Now, adjust the font and other things and select the printer to print the Page.

What is the alternative way to save the webpage in your desktop file from Chrome Computer?

To save the PDF on the device through other ways on Chrome computer, you need to first tap on the share icon at the end of the search bar and then select Save Page As. Now, select the location and tap on save.

Lastly, here are the recommended web browsers for computer and mobile phone that you should give a try.

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Firefox WindowsSafari MacSafari iOSEdge AndroidChrome Linux
Edge WindowsFirefox MacEdge iOSSamsung InternetEdge Linux

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2 thoughts on “How to Print Website and Save as PDF in Chrome Computer?”

  1. When I try to print many web pages, the website adds text (often about cookies) that obliterates the text I am trying to print. Printing to a PDF allows the text to be obliterated, also.
    I found I could start at the bottom, shift-left mouse hold, and drag up, then Ctl-C to copy and Ctl-v to paste into word. All the web page text is copied and nothing overwrites what I want. A little bit of a pain, but it seems to work.

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