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Reinstall Brave Browser on the Computer

Do you want to reinstall the Brave browser on the computer? Learn how to uninstall and reinstall for a fresh start.

The Brave browser can be downloaded and installed on any computer operating system or mobile device. We can easily uninstall and remove the previous data if we need to reinstall the Brave browser to give it a fresh start. Download the latest Brave browser from the official site on the computer for reinstallation.

Clear Data and Reinstall on Brave browser

Brave browser is a safe and privacy-oriented browser launched in 2016, and since then, it has grown tremendously. It comes with rich features, making it one of the finest browsers.

Ads and trackers are automatically blocked on Brave browser, and malware and phishing attacks cannot harm the browser users.

The Brave browser works great, but nothing is perfect in this world. It can occasionally become slow. Or sometimes, you will see problems like the disappearance of the cursor or the freezing of your screen for some time.

Minor fixes like reloading the page or clearing the browser cache are sometimes not enough to fix this problem. Often, corrupted browser files stop the browser from starting or operating perfectly.

Fixing these issues is simple, but if you have tried all troubleshooting methods and the problem persists, it may be time to uninstall and reinstall the Brave browser.

Uninstalling Brave browser

Uninstalling the browser will delete all the data and software files from the system. However, you can also clear the browser data before uninstalling it to ensure data retention.

Here are the steps to altogether remove and uninstall Brave browser:

  1. Launch the Add or remove programs (aka Control Panel) from the Windows search box.
    Add or remove app Control Panel in Windows PC
  2. Click on the More vertical 3dots icon menu and choose Uninstall after locating Brave in the list of installed programs.
    Uninstall command for Brave browser on Windows PC
  3. Hit on the Uninstall command button to complete the uninstallation process.

The browser will be uninstalled, and all the related data stored in the system will be deleted.

Reinstalling the Brave browser

We should always download the web browsers from its official web stores. The latest version of Brave will be available on the website, which you can download and install. Here are the steps to reinstall:

  1. Launch your existing browser on a computer.
  2. Search for Brave browser in the search engine and open its official website.
    A direct link for the official download site is added below.
  3. Click on the Download Brave button on the screen.
    Download Brave Web Browser from Official WebsiteThe Braver browser setup or installation file download will begin.
  4. Double-click on the setup file and proceed with on-screen instructions.
    Download Brave Setup File

Download Brave Browser

The Brave browser will be reinstalled. You can launch the browser and complete the preliminary setup for the first time.

Bottom Line

Brave browser is a free and secure browser. It automatically blocks annoying ads, prevents users from being tracked, and even has Brave Shields. It is a quick browser that runs seamlessly. But, sometimes, it can slow down or encounter errors that cannot be fixed quickly, and that’s when uninstalling the browser and reinstalling help.

Reinstalling the Brave browser is the same as installing it for the first time. Uninstalling and reinstalling the browser has its benefits; it will clear the stored data, update the browser to the latest version, reset to default settings, etc. which can fix the issues.

I have explained the process of uninstalling Brave browser thoroughly. You need to uninstall Brave on your computer and download to install it again to make the browser fresh and error-free.

Lastly, if you've any thoughts or feedback, then feel free to drop in below comment box. You can also report the outdated information.

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Aksheya Gowekar

Aksheya Gowekar

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