How to Save and Manage Passwords on Opera Browser?

The Opera browser offers to save the passwords and usernames in local storage. It offers complete management of the saved password like editing, deleting, and blocking the site from offering to save the password. It’s safe since all the passwords are stored within your computer and protected by the system password.

The Opera Browser has proved time and again why it is better than its contemporaries. With time and advancement of technology, Opera has also improved itself and provided the necessary updates and features that every user might need while browsing the web.

Opera also constantly brings about new updates that make it easier for the users in the long run.

The Opera Browser offers numerous useful features, but one of them worth mentioning is the ability to save and manage the stored passwords.

We often forget the username and passwords when managing so many online accounts and social profiles at once. Not only social media, but other websites like Prime and Netflix have passwords to manage too. Nevertheless, Opera is here to help to remember all the passwords with the corresponding usernames.

I have more than two accounts on Instagram. One is my personal account, and the other is used professionally for my other interests. It becomes challenging to remember all the passwords at all times.

Hence, I started using the Passwords Manager in the Opera Browser to automatically log in to my Instagram accounts without fussing over remembering them all.

Save Passwords on Opera Browser

It is quite obvious that we’ll find it difficult to remember all our account passwords with so much to remember every day. However, this Opera feature ensures that we never have to worry about it.

Here are the steps to help you save the password on the Opera Browser:

  1. Launch Opera Browser on the computer.
  2. Click on the Opera opera logo menu.
  3. Choose the Settings option from the menu list.
  4. Scroll down to the Advanced Settings to access more options.
  5. Look for the Autofill section, and click on the Passwords tab.
    It will open the Passwords tab. 
  6. Enable the toggle for Offer to save passwords.
    Offer to save passwords in Opera browser

Henceforth, every time you sign in to any online account in Opera, the browser will offer a pop-up to whether to remember the password. Hit on the Save button to store the password. This bar will last only for few seconds.

would you like the password manager to save the password in Opera browser

If you hit on Never[/cmbtn], the site will be added to the Never Saved section in Password Manager and won’t offer you to save the password.

You can also toggle on the auto sign-in feature that will automatically help you sign in to your account when you access them on the Opera browser.

Auto Sign-in with stored credentials in opera computer

This will autofill the username and password for the website when you access on the Opera browser.

Manage Stored Passwords on Opera browser

All the passwords are stored locally on the opera browser, and we can efficiently manage and remove the unnecessary passwords from the computer.

Here are the steps to manage the saved password on Opera computer:

  1. Launch Opera Browser on the computer.
  2. Click on the Opera opera logo menu.
  3. Choose the Settings option from the menu list.
  4. Scroll down to the Advanced Settings to access more options.
  5. Look for the Autofill section, and click on the Passwords tab.
    It will open the Passwords tab with all the saved passwords. 
  6. Click on the More vertical 3dots icon to manage the stored passwords.
    Manage Saved passwords options in Opera computer

You can choose from the available password options like Copy password, Edit password, and Remove the stored password in Opera.

Click on the Eye icon will help in viewing the stored password. You need to verify with system password to view the password.

View Stored Password in Opera Computer

That’s how you can save and manage your passwords well and have a firm grip on them. It’ll save you a lot of time and misery to recall the passwords in the future.

Bottom Line: Manage Passwords Opera

The Opera Browser has always lived up to the expectations of its users. No wonder why it has always been so highly recommended and rated by users around the world.

One of the many features provided by Opera is the Password Manager feature for autofill. It stores all your passwords to different websites in a single place and helps you sort through them.

Moreover, you also have the option to add new passwords, edit or delete old ones. You can also enable or disable the automatic sign-in to websites and the saving of passwords. All this is available under the same Password Manager tab.

The Password Manager feature is very efficient and helpful for me as I manage many accounts at once. As it stores all my passwords, I don’t have to worry about logging into the websites repeatedly.

How often do you use the  Opera browser’s password manager feature for autofill? Did you save any passwords yet?

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