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How to Block Ads on the Opera Computer

Learn how to block misleading and intrusive ads from the Opera browser. It blocks all pop-up and unnatural ads. We can manage the blocking and exception list.

The Opera browser supports blocking misleading and intrusive ads that are often very dangerous. It’s better to block these ads that arent very natural. These misleading ads are often pop-up or in-line text hovers ads which are kind of annoying. The settings of enabling the misleading adblocker are available in site settings. Opera also supports third-party Adblock extensions to remove all ads.

Block Ads on Opera browser

The Opera Browser is one of the few browsers that is constantly making changes to its system and interface to cater to the users’ needs.

That’s the reason it has become extensively popular among millennials. With its superb speed and browsing ease, it is preferred by most people around the globe.

It is quite common that we’re redirected to some websites that are scammy or show explicit content. It may frequently happen due to the misleading ads that pop up time and again without our consent.

They deviate your attention as well as spoil your whole mood. It is a great hindrance if you’re trying to work.

Thankfully, the Opera browser has a built-in feature to disable misleading ads.

Block Ads

The misleading and explicit ads on the Opera Browser can be a great distraction for anyone trying to work or study. The best option is to block them. Here are the steps to block misleading ads:

  1. Launch the Opera browser on the computer.
  2. Click on the Settings settings gear icon from the sidebar.
    Opera settings gear iconIt will open the Opera Settings page.
  3. Under Privacy Protection, enable the toggle button for Block ads and surf the web up to three times faster.
    Block ads and surf the web up to three times faster in Opera

It will block all the misleading and intrusive ads from the Opera browser and provide you super-speed browsing experience.

Bottom Line

The Opera Browser has always been home to various new and enhanced features. It values user satisfaction above all. All its features are designed to ease user experience and improve the browser with each passing day.

There is also a tremendous amount of liberty in the user’s hands to determine what they want to allow or block on their browser.

Likewise, the Opera Browser blocks all misleading ads by default. This is an interesting feature offered by Opera. However, it blocks ads for all websites. You can easily add a site URL to the exception list to allow websites with ads.

Did you block the ads on the Opera browser? Perhaps you can also use the third-party Opera add-ons.

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