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How to View Cache and Storage Space on Opera Computer?

The Opera browser allows to view and controls the cache size occupied by the website storage. The browser cache is temporary files and images that facilitate the quick loading of the website when we visit next time. We can view the size of the total cache and also clear it from the browser. Clearing the cache also removes any underlying loading issues within Opera.

The Opera Browser is one of the most popular browsers of recent times. It has enhanced its features time and again to perfection. The ease of experience that Opera provides to its users is just phenomenal and worth mentioning.

With the advancement in technology, it has also added the feature to view cache and storage space on your browser. There are times when our browser may face lagging issues or close abruptly without any reason.

Although we might not know the reason firsthand, it may always lie behind the cache and storage space on your Opera Browser. When they’re filled beyond their capacity, the system may malfunction.

My best friend was complaining a tad too much about her Opera Browser shutting abruptly while she was working on something. It made her anxious as she thought that she had lost all her data at once.

Thankfully, that wasn’t the case but her browser had issues nonetheless. I decided to help her fix it. Let’s have a look at the steps in view and clear cache storage in Opera!

View Cache and Storage Space on Opera

It is important to keep a check on the amount of data that is gone in your cache storage on your Opera Browser. In this way, you can clear it whenever you think a lot of it has accumulated. It also helps in understanding which website is consuming too much bandwidth data.

Here are the steps to view cache and storage space on Opera Browser:

  1. Launch the Opera Browser on the computer.
  2. Click on the Settings settings gear icon from the sidebar.
    Opera settings gear iconIt will open the Opera Settings page.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom to find the Advanced Settings section.
  4. Within the Advanced section, go to the Privacy and Security section.
  5. Click to open the Site Settings tab.
    Site Settings menu in Opera Computer browser
  6. Scroll down to the Content section and select the Cookies and site data tab.
    Opera browser cookies and site data options
  7. Click on the See all cookies and site data tab.
    See all cookies and site data tab in Site Settings
  8. Click on the Trash icon to specific sites OR Remove All button to delete all the saved cache and cookies.
    All cookies and site data option in Opera browser

By following the above steps, you can easily view the cache and how much each site has occupies on your browser. You can clear the data accordingly and make space on your laptop storage.

Note: Clearing cache may cause the website to load slower when you visit for the first time, however, it will be smooth once the cache is recreated in the browser.

Bottom Line: Cache Storage Opera

The Opera Browser has always given a great lot of emphasis on the liberty of the users. The users have control over everything and anything. From their privacy to their home page, they can customize it all. They also have full control over what occupies their computer storage.

Excessive cache being stored on your Opera Browser can lead to numerous issues later. It can result in slow loading of your pages, abrupt crashing, and various other bugs that need fixing.

The only solution to this problem is to keep a constant check on the amount of data occupied by the cache on your browser. Whenever there’s a need to clean it up, make sure to do so.

The Opera Browser gives you full access to your laptop or computer storage and how much of it is occupied by the cache. I taught my best friend all the basics of the same and showed her how to view and delete cache storage on her browser. It worked like a miracle for her and she stopped complaining about all the crashing issues.

How often do you clean your cache storage on Opera? Which website has the most cache storage?

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