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Allow a Site URL in AdBlocker Extensions on Web Browser

Do you need to allow a website URL on an Adblocker? Learn how to allow ads on the website and disable blocked by adblocker messages.

Big brands and news sites sometimes prevent us from reading or accessing content when ad blocker extensions are enabled. In such cases, we need to whitelist the site address to allow advertisements.

Each ad-blocking extension has different options and customization to bypass the ad restriction, which we can configure for individual sites or pages.

In this guide, we have shared the steps to allow sites to display ads for different ad blocker extensions. You can directly skip to the extension for setup.

Whitelist a Site in Ad Blocking Extension

The tutorial will focus on whitelisting a site from some of the most popular ad blockers, including uBlock Origin, AdBlock Plus, AdBlock, AdBlocker Ultimate, and Ghostery.

AdBlock and AdBlocker Extensions install on Web Browsers

Furthermore, we will be sharing two different methods for the same. The first is a shorter approach and could be carried out with a single click.

However, if you wish to add multiple sites at once or make further changes to these settings, the second method within each adblocker extension section shall help you.

uBlock Origin Extension: Adding Trusted Sites

Here are the steps to allow ads on a site when using uBlock Origin:

  1. Visit the Website URL.
  2. Click on the uBlock Origin extension icon.
  3. Hit on the Power icon to disable ad blocking.
    Stop adblocker for website on uBlockOrigin extension

However, if you wish to disable it only for the current page, press the Ctrl key, and while doing so, click on that Power icon.

Likewise, to get more granular control, allow a list of websites in uBlock Origin.

  1. Click on the Settings icon situated at the bottom right.
    uBlockOrigin Settings menu
  2. Switch to the Trusted Site tab.
  3. Type in the Website Addresses that you need to add to the whitelist.
    Add Website URL to Trusted Sites in uBlockOrigin
  4. Click the Apply Changes button.

It will only allow the sites added under Trusted sites to bypass the uBlock Origin, and block ads for the reset.

Adblock Plus: Adding Sites to Whitelisted Website

AdBlock Plus is another popular ad blocking extensions that allows you to add the webpage and the entire website to the exception list. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Open a website on the browser.
  2. Click to open the AdBlock Plus extension icon.
  3. Disable the toggle switch for This Website option for entire site OR
  4. Disable the This Page toggle so that it acts on the current page.
    Enable or Disable AdBlock Plus for a Website

It will disable the ad-blocking feature for the website or particular page based on the toggle button you’ve choose.

If you need to whitelist one or more websites, you can add the site URLs to the Whitelisted Website list.

  1. Click on the Settings settings gear icon from the top-right menu.
    AdBlock Plus Settings menu icon
  2. Switch to the Whitelisted Websites tab.
  3. Type in the complete URL of the website in the space provided.
  4. Click on the Add Website button.
    Add site URL to Whitelisted Websites on AdBlock Plus

The whitelisted website has now been added to the AdBlock Plus allowlist, and you will see ads from on the site.

AdBlock extension: Stop blocking ads for Sites

AdBlock allows you to pause its functionality during a single session or for the entirety. Here are the steps to disable:

  1. Click on the AdBlock extension icon.
  2. Under the Pause on this site section, click on the desired command.
  3. Hit the Once button to allow ads for current sessions OR,
  4. Click on Always to pause the AdBlock always.
    Pause ads on AdBlock extension

Based on your selection, the ads blocker will be disabled on the website.

To allow more websites from ads, you can add the site URL to Stop blocking ads.

  1. Click on the Settings icon situated at the top right.
    AdBlock extension Settings menu icon
  2. Now go to the Customize section from the left menu bar.
  3. Please scroll to the Stop blocking ads section and click it to expand this menu further.
    Stop Blocking Ads on AdBlock extension
  4. Finally, type in the desired website URL and hit on OK.

With that, you have successfully added the sites to the whitelist, and the extension will make sure to respect this decision from now on.

AdBlocker Ultimate: Whitelist Site URL

Here are the steps to allowing sites to display ads when using AdBlocker Ultimate extension:

  1. Open the website on the browser.
  2. Head over to the AdBlocker Ultimate icon present next to the address bar.
  3. Turn off the toggle switch for Enabled on this site, and the ads wouldn’t be blocked on the said site.
    Toggle to Disable the AdBlock in AdBlocker Ultimate

You can further tweak the option at a granular level and whitelist more websites in bulk.

  1. Go to the Settings menu within AdBlocker Ultimate.
    AdBlocker Ultimate Settings menu
  2. Switch to the Whitelist tab and type the URL of all the websites.
    AdBlocker Ultimate Whitelisted Site URLThe changes will be saved automatically.

You can copy and paste the address to Whitelist tab and that AdBlocker Ultimate extension wont stop the ads on the sites.

Ghostery add-on: Add site to Trusted Sites

Ghostery provides a neat user-friendly interface. Here are the steps to disable the adblocking when using Ghostery:

  1. Launch the website URL on the web browser.
  2. Click on the Ghostery extension icon.
  3. Hit on the Pause Ghostery for temporary bypass OR
  4. Click on the Trust Site to always allow ads from the site.

To further customize and add more websites to allow list, we can add the site address to Trusted sites.

  1. Click on the Ghostery extensions in the browser.
  2. Click on the Menu vertical 3-dots icon situated at the top right and select Settings option.
    Ghostery Extension Settings option menu
  3. Go to the Trust & Restrict tab from the left menu bar.
  4. Under the Trusted site section, type the complete URL of the site.
    Add the Website as Trusted Site in Ghostery extension
  5. Hit the Plus plus add icon icon to add this site to the exception.

Site is added to the exception list and will continue offering ads. You can continue adding more website URLs into Trusted Sites and disable them from the ads blocking feature when using the Ghostery.

Bottom Line

All the sites that offer unrestricted or free to read content usually display ads to monetize and run the business. Instead, it would be best to consider blocking only intrusive and pop-up ads that ruin the browsing experience.

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