How to Setup Notification Settings in Firefox Computer?

Learn how to set up the notification settings to allow or block the push notification in Firefox computer. You can stop or allow notifications from websites.

Browser notifications were introduced to allow the websites to share important news with their users easily and quickly. However, sometimes these notifications are irrelevant and frustrating too, so you disable them without having to worry about how this can be done.

Firefox is always committed to offer the best browsing experience but annoying notifications can ruin your experience. Maybe that’s the reason why Firefox added a new feature that enables the users to set up notification settings in Firefox computer.

This feature is pretty much helpful for most Firefox users. It will help you to improve your productivity by blocking irrelevant notifications that may cause a disturbance.

I have been using this feature for quite a while now. Just yesterday, I helped my father set up the same on his laptop so that he can work on his project without any distractions.

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In this post, we will share easy steps that will help you to learn how to set up notification settings in the Firefox computer. So without further ado, we shall begin to discuss the steps.

Set up Notification Settings in Firefox Computer

The first time when you visit a website, it will ask you to allow you to send notifications. If you have clicked on the allow button, Firefox will allow the website to send notifications. However, after some time you find that the notifications are irrelevant to you and cause disturbance while doing important tasks.

It is recommended to block the notifications from such websites by making changes in the notification settings.

Here are the steps to disable the push notifications in the Firefox computer browser:

  1. Launch the Firefox browser on your computer.
  2. Click on horizontal 3bar icon to open the menu bar available in the top right corner.
  3. Select the Options tab from the menu list.
    edit or removave payment method and cards in Firefox
  4. Click on Privacy & Security tab available in the left sidebar.
    Privacy & Security Firefox
  5. Scroll down to the Permissions section.
  6. Click on Settings available next to the Notification. 
    Privacy & Security Firefox notification
  7. On the next screen, you have the option to block an individual site from sending a notification; OR
  8. Block all the new website requests from sending notifications.
    disbale Firefox notification

Based on your blocking setting, the individual site or all the websites will be blocked from sending the notifications on your Firefox browser.

In case you want to remove the website from the notification blocking list, then tap on the Remove Website button available notification blocker window. You can also choose the Remove All Websites to remove all the websites.

Bottom Line: Manage Notification Firefox

Firefox notification settings allow you to block every website or you can permit a specific website to send you notification. Not all notifications are bad, some notifications are helpful to make you aware of the important information. So it’s our decision which site we want to allow to send the notification.

After I helped my father set up the Firefox notification settings according to his convenience, he was extremely happy. It helped him concentrate better and be less annoyed by disturbing notifications. He thanked me many times after that!

Firefox also allows you to block all the new website requests to allow notification, hence you will have no annoying pop-up requesting you to allow the notification. This is the easiest way to set up a notification setting in the Firefox computer. We have tried our best to keep the above-stated steps as simple as we could. However, if you still face any trouble while following them then please let us know.

Which websites have you blocked the notifications from? Does it help you to concentrate better?

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