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How to Tighten Privacy Settings in Chrome Android?

Privacy is a major concern for everyone nowadays and no one wants their data to be collected without permission. Thankfully, Chrome offers its users the privacy setting to prevent data theft. Chrome users can tap on the three dots in the Chrome tab to view the menu and tap on the settings. They will find the Privacy and Security option over there. Click on it and disable payment access and preloading and enable Do Not Track and secure connections.

Privacy is the need of the hour right now! With such affordable internet and various mediums of collecting information online, we are invaded by an online network of trackers that collect microns of information every day. The worst part of data collection is the fact that is done without a person’s consent or knowledge.

I prefer to have a cent percent of privacy in my life. Hence, I do not post or update anything personal even on social media platforms. After the Facebook data scandal, I have deleted every personal post and even unfollowed the pages that can expose my private data.

Not only me but my mother also lives in the constant fear of her privacy being invaded by such hackers. I had to find a solution for both of us!

Within the Google Chrome browser, some options and settings allow you to configure and tighten the privacy settings. The Chrome privacy settings help in blocking a few illegal and intrusive ways of data collection.

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Though these settings are not fully proven they help to tackle our privacy to some extent. You should consider clearing the data from chrome.

How to Enable Privacy Settings in Chrome Android?

The chrome browser is not a privacy browser but it’s most effective and simple. However, one can make changes in settings to improve privacy levels. Chrome settings android let you do that.

Here are the steps to enhance android chrome privacy settings:

  1. Launch Chrome for Android app.
  2. Tap on vertical 3dots icon the menu for Options.
  3. Select Settings for the list.
  4. Tap on the Privacy and Security tab under the Basics section.
  5. Disable the check box against — Access Payment methods.
  6. Enable the check box against Always use secure connections.
  7. Also, make sure that Do Not Track is set to ON.

Privacy Settings in Chrome Android

You can also clear browsing data history from the Privacy tab to delete all existing cookies and cache from the websites that you’ve visited in the past. The other thing that you can do is tap on Preload Pages and check the No preloading option.

Video on Chrome Android Privacy Settings

Watch the video demo on how to enable complete privacy in Chrome Android. You can disable the access to payment methods, and also enable the DO NO TRACK option under privacy settings.

How to Tighten Privacy Settings in Chrome Android?

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Bottom Line: Privacy Settings in Chrome Android

As mentioned, privacy is of utmost importance these days. Chrome for Android should come up with more options that can typically help the average user to protect their privacy.

With the help of chrome security settings android, I could teach my mother how to protect her privacy and data from hackers. It helped her feel relieved. After I enabled the chrome privacy setting as well, I felt just the same.

By default, chrome should have the hardest possible privacy and security settings to maintain the #1 position in web browsers.

I hope this helps you in learning about the privacy settings in the chrome android browser to enhance the privacy setup. Similarly, you can also manage and edit privacy settings on a chrome computer.

Have you enabled the privacy settings in your browser? How important is data privacy for you?


How can I tighten Privacy settings in Chrome Android?

To tighten Privacy settings in Chrome Android, launch the Chrome Browser and tap on the three dots in the top right corner. Click on Settings where under Basics settings, you will find the option to Privacy and Security, tap on it. Now, enable the Do Not Track, No preload, and disable Payment access.

How do I disable payment access through privacy settings in Chrome Android?

If you want to disable the payment access through Privacy settings, then you need to first launch Chrome and tap on the three dots to view the menu and tap on Settings. Now, click on the Privacy and Security where you need to uncheck the Access payment methods checkbox.

Which settings will help to tighten Privacy in Chrome Android?

In Chrome Browser’s Privacy and Security settings, you can use different settings such as Do Not Track, Access Payment Methods, No Preload Secure Connections, etc., to tighten Privacy in Chrome Android.

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