How to Update Firefox on Computer and Laptops?

Learn how to update Mozilla Firefox on your Windows OS, macOS, and Linux OS. The browser release updates with enhanced security and privacy along with speed.

Firefox has always been considered as the best alternative to Google Chrome. It’s been there for years and Mozilla community developers have been doing the ultimate job.

Just like Chrome updates, the Firefox regularly releases updates which include new features, security patches and also improved user privacy. Hence, it important to keep the Firefox browser up to date as soon as we receive the latest build releases.

In this article, we will learn how to update Firefox on any machine running on Windows OS, macOS, and Linux based operating systems.
The steps are almost similar in all variants of OS.

Steps to Update Firefox Browser

The Firefox browser has a feature to automatically check and update to the latest version in the background. However, if you want to manually verify and update Firefox, then follow these simple steps:

  1. Launch the Mozilla Firefox browser on your computer
  2. Hit on horizontal 3bar icon for options and select Preferences/Options from the list
    Firefox Preferences Options setting
  3. Within General preferences scroll down to Firefox Updates section
    Firefox Updates section in General Preferences
  4. Hit on [Check for updates] button
  5. The Firefox will check for updates, automatically start the installation and ask to relaunch the browser

That’s it, the Firefox browser is updated. If there are no new updates, then it will show a message “:) Firefox is up to date“. Using these steps you can update Firefox running on any operating system.

Alternative Steps to Update Firefox Quantum

There are also a few alternative steps that can help in updating the Firefox browser. These alternatives steps work in Windows 10 and earlier as well as Linux based operating systems.

  1. Launch the Mozilla Firefox browser
  2. Hit on the horizontal 3bar icon for options
    Firefox Browser Options Menu
  3. Select the Help > About Firefox option
    About Firefox Help Section
  4. The About Mozilla Firefox window will appear and start checking for updates
    Firefox Quantum is up to date
  5. Firefox will download the updates and automatically install them in the background. May also ask to relaunch the browser for major upgrades

For the macOS machine, you can access the About Firefox from the Menu bar.
About Firefox macOS menu bar
This was another way to update Firefox from the About Firefox option.

Mozilla Firefox Update Frequency

Just like Google Chrome has different channels with varying update frequencies, the Mozilla also follows similar fundamentals. Each channel has different usages and updates frequency.

  1. Download Firefox — The updates are quite a few, once or twice in a month (most stable, highly recommended)
  2. Firefox Beta — The updates are quite frequent, almost weekly (partially unstable)
  3. Firefox Developers Edition — similar to beta, the updates are weekly (unstable)
  4. Firefox Nightly — these channel has daily/nightly updates (mostly unstable)

Let me know if you’ve any questions or facing any challenges while updating the Firefox browser on your computer.

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