How to View Desktop Site in Chrome iPhone or iPad?

Learn how to view the desktop site view on google chrome on the iPhone/iPad. The feature helps to view the fullscreen site version on small mobile screens.

There are few websites developed only for the desktop version, that cause issues when accessing those sites on a mobile phone. Thankfully, Google Chrome has a feature where you can instantly switch between mobile and desktop websites on a single tap.

This will not only help to view webpages with tables and formula data, but it is also useful for certain websites, which show a poor smartphone experience.

I face many problems while browsing certain anime websites as it optimizes for desktop viewers only. So in the smartphone view, I can’t see anime series release dates, the download buttons, stream buttons, and so on.

It was an enormous hassle to turn on my laptop just so I can browse particular websites or web portal. But soon, I found out about this desktop site view feature in Chrome iOS, where you can request a desktop site with no technical expertise.

The view desktop site option is a one-button script that can convert a smartphone website into a desktop version. It is especially useful if the website you’re visiting is not mobile-friendly or not working on a small screen.

I have faced many scenarios where certain websites I used to complete my college assignment, which works only on PC, do not work on my smartphone. Some of them include graph plotting websites and 3D map websites. These websites were technically developed for a desktop screen.

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But with the view desktop site option, you can view their PC only websites on your smartphone device! It is a very useful and great option that iPhone or iPad users can now enjoy with the Chrome iOS app.

How to View Desktop Site in Chrome iOS?

The desktop site view helps in viewing all hidden menus and options just like we watch on the desktop.

Though font size and elements might look smaller since we are visiting a desktop site on the mobile phone. But overall, the experience will be exactly like desktop websites.

Here are the steps to view the desktop site on Chrome iPhone/iPad:

  1. Open the Chrome iOS app.
  2. Open the website of your choice, which you want to view in the Desktop version.
  3. Click on the horizontal 3dots icon present at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  4. Choose the Request Desktop Site option.
    Chrome iOS Request Desktop Site

The website will reload, and you will see the desktop view of the website. To switch back, you can choose the Request Mobile Site option at the same place.

Chrome iOS Request Mobile Site

Note: If you don’t see texts or tables, you can zoom-in to see. You will see small texts because of your smartphone screen.

Bottom Line: View Desktop Site on Chrome iOS

If you want to experience full fledge desktop sites on your iPhone devices, then Chrome iOS lets you do just that. With the view desktop site feature, you can easily switch between desktop and mobile versions of the website.

It’s a highly recommended feature if you’re browsing online forms, download sites, etc. Not only will it help you understand the content of the website better, but it will also eliminate the risk of mobile-driven viruses that the mobile version of the website contains.

No more ‘your iPhone has infected with the XYZ virus, click here to fix’ type of messages if you’re using a desktop version of the website using Chrome iOS.

Similarly, you can also enable the mobile site view on the chrome computer browser. It’s just the opposite of what we just learned. The mobile site view is useful for web developers who want to test the site view in different screen layouts (mobile phones/tablets/desktops).

Let us know what do you think about the desktop site view option in your hand-held iPhone or iPad devices within the Chrome browser. Isn’t it great? Share your thoughts.

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