How to Add a Site to Home Screen on Opera Computer?

Opera browser default home screen has the speed dial or quick-access links which are used for bookmarking the most visited sites. We can easily add any website URL to the Speed Dial screen using Add a Site command button. We can also manage these home page shortcuts within the Opera browser.

The Opera Browser is one of the best browsers for a variety of reasons. They include its easy-to-use interface, the interactive home page, and unique features. It has always made sure to shine out and be out of the ordinary.

The privacy and security settings of the Opera Browser are top-notch and continues to impress all its users to date.

Opera’s home page, which is commonly known as Speed Dial, consists of some basic websites and icons linked to them by default. We might not need all of them and even require our favorite websites to be among them.

Adding a site to the home screen makes our work relatively easier and does not require the manual typing of the URL you’re looking for or scrolling through history to find it. It will help you manage your time well. It is very similar to browser bookmarks; however, shortcut links are visible on the home screen.

I browse through numerous websites in a day. Some are visited frequently in a day, and some are visited once in a blue moon. However, I like reading articles and blogs online and go back to them often. So, I decided to add shortcut links to the homepage on Opera to make the job easier.

Add Site to Speed Dial on Opera

Once you know how to add a website to the home screen, you can open your favorite website as soon as you open the browser. It’ll be a click away.

Here are the steps to add a website to the homepage on the Opera Browser:

  1. Launch Opera Browser on the computer.
  2. Open the website, and copy the page address.
  3. Go to the home page or speed dial, and click on the + Add a Site button.
    Add a Site button on Opera Home ScreenThis will open a new pop-up box.
  4. Paste the copied link in the address field.
  5. Hit on Add to Opera command.
    Add to Opera pop-up box for shortcut links

This will immediately add the website URL to the speed dial list along with existing sites.

Site Added to Opera Home Screen Shortcut Speed Dial

Speed dial opera shortcut links can save a lot of time and effort. It adds your frequently visited website right on the home screen, where it is easily visible and accessible at just a click.

You can manage these speed dial links in Opera. Hover on the shortcut link, and click on the more horizontal 3dots icon for all the options. Hit on Move to Bin for removing the shortcut link from the Opera home screen.

Remove the Shortcut Link from Speed Dial on Opera Home Screen

Bottom Line: Add to Opera Home Screen

The Opera Browser is a powerhouse of features. It has never disappointed its users even once and continues to make its services better with each passing day. The main reason it’s better than all the other browsers is its frequent updates and bug fixes.

Among its many features, the Opera Browser also enables its users to add their favorite or frequently visited websites to the home screen. It avoids the challenge of remembering the website or searching through the history to find it. It will just be a tap away for the users, and they can access it anytime they want.

Since I can add all my favorite blogs and articles on the home screen, I don’t have to worry about forgetting them now. They’re crucial whenever I’m researching for my book reviews or other projects online. Due to their easy accessibility, all the chaos is now reduced to a single click.

Which websites have you added to your home screen on the Opera browser? What do you feel about this feature to add sites on speed dial?

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