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Add, Edit, and Manage Bookmarks in Opera on Computer

Do you want to add link bookmarks in the Opera browser? Learn how to access and manage bookmarks on your computer.

Opera browser allows marking a link as a favorite and adds it to the bookmark list to revisit later. A simple click on the heart icon in the URL bar will add the page URL to the bookmarks.

You can edit, delete, and manage bookmarks on the Opera browser. It also allows importing and exporting the bookmarks list from other browser.

In this guide, we have shared the steps to save and manage the bookmarks in the Opera browser.

Bookmark a Website Link

It is always convenient to have all your frequently visited websites handy so that you do not waste time when you revisit them.

  1. Launch Opera Browser on the computer.
  2. Open a website that you want to bookmark.
  3. Click on Like heart icon in the top-right corner of the page.
  4. From the drop-down list that appears, select the Bookmark Location you want to add to the site.
    Opera Create a Bookmark for Site
  5. Click the Done command button to save the bookmark.

Your bookmark will be added successfully under specify a category to them according to your preference. Next time you browse the web, you can go to the bookmarks and find your desired website to open.

Access Saved Bookmarks

Now, these bookmarks are saved in the selected location; however, if you wish to see the complete list, you can view them on the Opera Bookmarks page. Follow these steps to access bookmarks:

  1. Launch the Opera browser on your computer.
  2. Click on Opera opera logo to open the menu list.
  3. Hover on the Bookmarks menu and select the Bookmarks sub-menu.
    Opera Bookmarks Options MenuIt will open a bookmarks pane with a list of all bookmarks in different saved locations.
  4. Click on the Bookmark to open in the current tab.
  5. Alternatively, click More horizontal 3-dots icon on the bookmark name and choose the preferred action.
    Opera Browser Bookmarks Edit or Delete

You can easily access all your bookmarks in one place and open them in a new tab or private window in Opera. You can further view these bookmarks under a separate window using the option – Open full Bookmarks view at the bottom of the pane.

Open full Bookmark View in Opera browser

It will open the Bookmarks in a separate window, and you can easily access and manage them from there.

You can also enable the Show Bookmark Bar option under the Bookmarks menu options to quickly access your favorite links with one click under the address bar.

Manage and Edit Saved Bookmarks

When managing the bookmarks, you can edit, delete, and rename them from the bookmarks page. You can quickly access the bookmarks manager.

  1. Launch the Opera browser on the computer.
  2. Access a website you have already bookmarked.
  3. Click on the Heart heart icon already bookmarked (appearing in red).
    It will open the Bookmarking dialog box.
  4. Select the View in Bookmarks option.
    View in Bookmarks button on Opera Bookmark Pop-upIt will launch a new window with a total bookmarks view.
  5. Hover on an existing Bookmark to Edit (pencil icon) or Delete (cross icon) to manage.
    Edit or Delete Bookmark from Opera Browser

You can now completely manage the bookmarks. This bookmark manager window also helps import and export the bookmarks in the Opera browser.

Bottom Line

The bookmarks are one of the most prominent features offered by the browser. You have the option to add or delete bookmarks according to your choice.

Since finding the bookmarks option on Opera at once is pretty challenging, we have explained all the steps to view and manage the saved bookmarks.

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Kushal Azza

Kushal Azza

Kushal Azza is a Google Certified IT Professional, Digital Content Creator, and Go-To Digital Marketer with Engineering Degree. He has over a decade of experience solving tech problems, troubleshooting, and innovating digital solutions. Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

2 comments and feedback

  1. I am trying to open bookmark manager in Opera.

    Nothing works.

    I am using a mac laptop.

    Ctrl+Shift+B does absolutely nothing.

    Nothing happens.

    It ignores that instruction. It disappears into the ether, never to be seen again.

    What do I do next?

    1. Hi Don, you need to keypress Option + Cmd + B to invoke the Bookmarks Manager on your Opera for Mac. In case you are looking for the bookmark bar, then Cmd + Shift + B should do the magic.

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