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How to Add Payments and Card Details in Safari iOS/iPadOS?

Online payments have now become the trend, not only for online shopping but also for offline. But whenever you buy any product from online sites you have to reenter the entire card details while the payment but with Safari you can lessen your burden. You just need to open the setting in iOS and tap on Safari Browser and from there open the Autofill option. Firstly enable the Card through the toggle and then tap on the saved cards and enter the card details and save it.

For most people, it is difficult to memorize the 16 or 18 digit credit card number along with the expiry date and CVV number. Hence, it becomes easier for the browser to save the card details and populate them when necessary on the payment gateways.

Using the Safari browser on the iPhone or iPad, you can store your credit card information within the browser storage. Hence, there is no worry of the card being exposed online, since they are just stored within the browser within the Safari card details.

The card details are only visible when we authorize using our passcode or touch ID. Hence, making it safe and easier for online transactions. I make a lot of purchases online. Sometimes, it feels tedious to enter my card details again and again on the payment page. I started using Safari payment methods to make my life easier.

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Unlike the Google Chrome browser, the entered card details are stored and synced within the iCloud account. Even this is a helpful feature since changing the device will make our credit card details available instantly.

How to Add Credit Card Details in Safari iPhone/iPad?

You can easily add the payment method and credit card details for auto-fill in the Safari browser. Whenever you are making any payments on any merch site, the safari card details are automatically populated.

Here are the steps to add and store the safari card details on iOS:

  1. Open the Settings app on the iPhone or iPad.
  2. Scroll down and choose the Safari browser from Settings.
  3. Within Safari Settings, select the Auto-Fill option.
  4. Within Auto-Fill, enable the Credit Cards toggle button.
  5. Tap on the Saved Credit Card option and validate it with a passcode or touch ID.
  6. Tap on the Add Credit Card option and fill in the details.
  7. Hit on the Done command to save the credit card details for the Safari browser.

You can also use the Camera option to scan the credit card for populating the card details automatically.

Add Credit Card Details in Safari Settings

This will add the credit card details into the Safari browser for use on any payment gateways. You might need to enter the CVV number while doing the transaction which is required for making any transactions online. This way, the safari payment methods are safe and secure.

You can anytime visit the Auto-fill > Credit Cards section to delete the saved card details from the Safari browser.

Bottom Line: Safari iOS Add Card Payment

Storing the credit card details within the Safari iPhone or iPad has been a really helpful feature. Once the credit card is added along with all other details, we can use it for auto-filling the payment details when needed. This is quite time-saving.

I have already added the card details in Safari App. The credit card details are now automatically populated after basic authentication on all the famous merchant sites. Hence, it reduces the effort of finding the card and entering the details. I use the safari card details whenever I make a purchase online.

If you want to add or remove any other cards in Safari Browser, you can also do do

Similarly, you can also add the card payment details on the Safari mac computer. These payment details are securely stored in iCloud and keychain on Mac computer devices.

Do share how helpful do you find the safari saved card details on the payment gateway or merchant stores.


How to enable autofill Credit cards in Safari Browser?

To enable the autofill credit cards in Safari Browser, one has to open the settings in the iOS and then tap on the Safari Browser then open the Auto-dill option. Then enable the toggle Credit Cards button to use the credit cards information to autofill in the sites.

How to add the Credit Cards in Safari Browser for autofill?

If you want to add a new Credit Card to Safari Browser for autofill then open the settings in the iOS and tap on the Safari browser. Next, open the Auto-fill option and tap on the Saved cards. There you will see an option to add the cards, tap on it. Now, enter all information on your cards after enabling the passcode and then save the card.

How to view the credit cards that I have saved for autofill in Safari Browser?

To view the list or the details of the cards that you have saved in Safari, you need to first open the settings, in your iOS and then tap on the autofill option. From there open the saved Credit cards option and view the list of the credit cards that you have saved.

Lastly, here are the recommended web browsers for computer and mobile phone that you should give a try.

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