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How to Allow or Block JavaScript on Brave browser

Learn how to allow or block the JavaScript execution on the Brave computer browser. We can disable the JavaScript, but it will affect the website loading.

The JavaScript execution help in making the modern website loading smooth and interactive. However, JS can also be misused for hacking the getting unauthorized access to user information. The Brave computer browser has the option settings to enable or disable the JavaScript for the website that can control individual sites.

Configure JavaScript Execution on Brave browser

Do you know that JavaScript makes your favorite websites attractive? If you are unfamiliar with JavaScript, let me tell you something about it.

JavaScript is a programming language that web developers frequently use to add dynamic elements to their websites. JavaScript improves your browsing experience. It enhances the webpage’s functionality and smoothly runs things like animations and moving elements.

Disabling JavaScript may obstruct the running of some elements of the webpage. Nowadays, many websites use JavaScript, so blocking websites from using it may hamper your overall browsing experience. But you can decide whether to allow or block JavaScript on a website.

When JavaScript is enabled on a webpage, it runs everything smoothly. But when it is disabled, some elements are affected. All browsers allow users to manage JavaScript. The Brave browser allows users to manage JavaScript, although it is enabled by default on the browser.

In this guide, I have detailed the process of allowing, blocking, and managing JavaScript on the Brave browser. Anyone who wishes to manage JavaScript on the browser can learn more about the process.

Block JavaScript Execution

JavaScript execution can be harmful when visiting illegal or less secure sites. It acts as the doorway to hackers getting into our computers. Hence, it’s suggested to disable JS on the Brave browser temporarily. Here are the steps to block JavaScript:

  1. Launch the Brave app on the computer.
  2. Click on the More horizontal 3bar icon menu and select the Settings sub-menu from the list.
    Brave browser Settings menu option
  3. Switch to the Privacy and Security tab in the left panel from the browser settings page.
  4. Select the Site and shield settings on the page that appears.
    Sites and shield Settings on Brave Computer browser
  5. Scroll down and click on the JavaScript tab under the Content section.
  6. Under the Default Behavior section,  select the Don’t allow sites to use JavaScript option to block.
    Dont allow sites to use Javascript on Brave computer browser

It will immediately block the JavaScript loading and execution for all the sites on the Brave computer browser. However, keeping this option is not recommended, as most modern sites depend on JS functions.

Allow Brave JavaScript

If the site is not loading correctly or misbehaving, enabling the JS on the browser is good. The JavaScript function helps the websites interact with the browser and generate a fluid and interactive site page, which is impossible without JS being disabled.

Here are the steps to allow JavaScript execution:

  1. Launch the Brave computer browser.
  2. Click on the More horizontal 3bar icon menu and select the Settings option.
  3. Switch to the Privacy and Security tab on the settings page’s left panel.
  4. Select the Site and shield settings > JavaScript tab.
    JavaScript tab in Brave Privacy and Security Settings page
  5. Select Sites can use the JavaScript radio button.
    Default Behavior JavaScript Allow JS in Brave browser

It will enable JavaScript loading and execution on all the sites. Perhaps, you can also manage the JS for individual sites or block the malicious sites.

Manage JavaScript on Brave

Besides allowing or blocking the JS execution on the browser for all sites, the Brave browser offers the option to control the JS for individual sites. We can add the site URL to the appropriate section and move between to make the JavaScript execution more secure.

Open the JavaScript settings page in Brave browser. And add the websites which you allow or prohibit from using JavaScript by clicking on the respective Add buttons.

Add Site URL to JavaScript Customize Behavior in Brave Browser

In the menu that appears, enter the URL of the web page and click on Add.

Add Site URL to JavaScript Customize Behavior in Brave Computer

You can also block, edit and remove the websites added by clicking on the More vertical 3dots icon menu and choosing the appropriate option. It will move the site URL to the appropriate section that allows or block JavaScript execution.

Brave JavaScript setting Customize Behavior More menu settings

All the changes that you have made will be applied once you close the tab.

Bottom Line

Blocking, allowing, and managing JavaScript on the Brave browser is simple. You can do it by accessing the browser settings or by accessing the settings of the webpage. Either of the methods works well and is easy to follow.

Enabling JavaScript on the browser is essential for a good browsing experience. Without JavaScript, many moving elements and animations of the page stop working. JavaScript is mostly harmless, and disabling it does not have many benefits.

However, JavaScript is misused for hacking and injecting malicious code into browsers which can result in hacking. Hence, we need to be careful when accessing any illegal sites.

Thus, the advantages of JavaScript greatly outweigh the disadvantages, and enabling them is a good choice. Allow, block, and manage JavaScript on Brave browser with the help of this guide, and you will have a more effortless browsing experience.

Lastly, if you've any thoughts or feedback on How to Allow or Block JavaScript on Brave browser, then feel free to drop in below comment box. You can also report the outdated information.

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