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How to Auto-Translate a Web Page in Chrome iOS?

Auto Translation is another major feature of Chrome iOS that allows the users to translate the given page in their default language or any other language that they prefer. For this, firstly, launch the page that you want to translate and tap on the menu icon. Now, select the translate option from the menu, and your page will get translated to the default language or you can also translate to some specific languages.

You are searching for something on Google and realize that it is written in some other foreign language. It must be hard for you to understand and read it. And this is no surprise since the internet is now available everywhere around the world. You will eventually come across websites in different languages.

So, how do we get comfortable with such content? Well, out of the many surprises Chrome browser on iPhone or iPad offers, translating the web page is one. Yes, you can translate the entire content of the webpage into your preferred language. This feature is now made easier than ever and you can even translate any webpage on your iOS devices seamlessly.

Since I browse through numerous articles daily to research for my paper, I often land up on websites that are not in a language that I understand. For instance, I landed upon a website in french just yesterday. My only savior was the auto-translation feature on chrome iOS translate.

The newer updates from Google keeps making things easier, and now there’s even a feature for auto-translation in Chrome iOS. Hence, the next time you open a webpage written in some other language it will automatically get translated even without any command, just automatically. Doesn’t that sound interesting?

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However, many iOS users, who are not familiar with this feature, had queries regarding it. So, here I have tried my best to cover all the steps on how you can auto-translate a web page in the Chrome browser on iPhone or iPad easily and efficiently.

How to Auto-Translate a Webpage in Chrome iOS?

With a boom in internet use, more and more regional language websites are emerging. So it is possible to see French or German, or even Spanish websites in your Google search results. But no matter what the language is, you can still browse these websites with the auto-translate web-page option in Chrome.

The auto-translate option will assist you in translating any language into English or your preferred language. If your default language is English, then it will opt to translate it into English automatically.

Here are the steps on how to translate a page on iPhone chrome:

  1. Launch the Chrome iOS app on your iPhone or iPod.
  2. Browse any website which you want to translate.
  3. Click on the horizontal 3dots icon menu present at the bottom right corner.
  4. Click on Translate command option.
    Chrome iOS Translate Command Button

It will automatically translate the website into a selected output language.

Chrome Page translated option in iPhone and iOS

In case you want to change the translated language, you can do it by pressing the translate button present in the top left corner of the URL window. Here you will see multiple options for the translation of web pages.

Translate Page and Always Translte English

If the auto-translate button is not working, then make sure to open the translate setting and choose the Always translate to English option. You can also configure this option to work with other languages such as French, German, or Chinese, for that matter.

Bottom Line: Chrome iOS Translate

The Chrome iOS translate feature is available for all devices. Moreover, it has made things more smooth since you don’t have to grant permission every time you come across a web page in a foreign language. You can enable/disable the setting anytime, as per your wish. However, I like to keep this feature enabled as it saves a lot of my time.

I have seen many websites which only offer certain languages, mostly Japanese or Chinese. As fond of watching anime and manga, most of these websites are written in the Japanese alphabet, which gives English-speaking readers a bit of trouble.

But thanks to the iOS chrome translate feature, these issues do not bother me anymore. They also help me when I land upon a foreign website while researching for my college paper. Hopefully, the above-mentioned steps have helped you understand the needful.

Similarly, you can also enable the auto-translation in the chrome computer browser. You can choose the preferred language.

Let us know what you think about the Chrome browser auto-translation feature on your iPhone or iPad? And how often do you use this translate command?

FAQs: Auto Translate Page in Chrome iOS.

Now, let us go through the frequently asked questions regarding how to auto-translate a page in Chrome iOS.

How to auto-translate a page in Chrome iOS?

Launch the page that you want to translate and hit on the menu icon and select Translate, this will automatically translate the page to your default language.

How to view the original text after the auto-Translation in Chrome iOS?

After you have already translated the page in your default language, tap on the translate icon visible at top of the screen and select Show Orginal Text to view the text in the original language.

How do auto-translate the text in another language other than your default language?

Once you have already auto-translated the text in your default language then press the translate icon at the top of the page. Now, the option will open to select the language into which you want to translate the page. Select the language as per your wish and tap on translate.

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  1. Strangely, translation of the Lisbon, Portugal, newspaper, Diário de Notícias (at isn’t available in iOS Chrome, though it is on Safari. Very puzzling to me, since there are other sites (usually Brazilian) that Google has no problem with.

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