How to Translate WebPage in Chrome Android Language Settings?

Learn how to translate site pages into the native using Google translate in Chrome Android. The translation works in real-time and supports most languages.

Have you visited the website that is not in your native language or the language you do not know? Do not worry, Google Translate is here to help you. Google Chrome Android has an in-built translation feature that uses google translate to convert the language that you prefer.

When I buy something online, I try to do the price comparison across the different local and international websites. I also check websites like,, etc. which are famous but not in the English language. Hence, I always need a language translator to make this text readable.

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Though the translation is not 100% accurate, however, it enough to read and digest the foreign language text. You also have the option to choose the default language so that every time when you visit a foreign language site, it’s automatically converted into known language.

How to Translate Website Text in Chrome Android?

This is the basic way to translate any website and also invoke the translation bar in Chrome Android. The translation bar has multiple options to choose from and make your translation better as well as automated.

Follow these steps to enable translation in Chrome Android:

  1. Launch Chrome for Android app.
  2. Access any webpage that you want to translate.
  3. Tap onvertical 3dots icon and select Translate… from the list.
    Chrome Android Translate Option
  4. A Google Translation bar will appear on the bottom of the screen.
  5. Tap onvertical 3dots icon in the translation bar.
    Google Translate Bar in Chrome Android Option Menu
  6. Select the desired option for automatic translation based on your needs.
  7. You can also select the ‘More languages‘ option to change your default translation.

Chrome Android Translate More Languages

Your accessed web page will be automatically translated to the selected language.

Google Translate currently supports multiple local as well as international languages and all the options are available under More languages menu.

If you’ve chosen the auto-translate option, then next time when you visit the foreign language website, the google chrome on android will automatically translate and display the text.

Video Tutorial on Chrome Android Translate

Watch this video on how to use the translate feature in Chrome Android for automatic translation and choosing a different language.

How to Translate WebPage in Chrome Android Language Settings?

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Bottom Line — Chrome Android Translation

Google Chrome’s auto-translation works like a charm! It can translate the number of foreign and native languages to readable text format. If you visit any foreign language site like Chinese or Japanese, then do consider using the Google Chrome translate feature.

Please note that the translation feature only works on text and not on graphical images or videos. You can use any OCR app for translating text within any image file.

Similarly, you can also enable the google chrome auto-translate on the computer.

Do you find the auto-translation feature useful on chrome android?

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