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How to Block a Sites on Safari iPhone or iPad

Safari is one of the safest browsers for iOS and iPads. In Safari, you can block or allow any sites you might find malicious or damaging. It also allows you to block adult sites on your device. You can control under Content & Privacy Restrictions. You can control blocking and allowing the sites within the Web Content tab.

People using Macbooks or iPhones will probably use Safari for their daily internet browser needs. Chrome is the best for the Windows platform, and even Microsoft Edge has joined the bandwagon. Similarly, on Apple devices, Safari is the one to go, due to its vast features, including blocking websites facility.

If you are concerned that your children can get access to adult content or other harmful sites which feature violence, then you probably want to block those websites on your kid’s devices. Safari lets you block or allow websites, giving you more control over your browsing experience.

Safari lets you block specific sites, and you only have to add the URL into the never allowed field. You can also do that if you want your kids to access a few limited-allowed sites.

If you only want to limit Adult content, Safari has a built option to limit Adult content. The different methods to block websites on Safari are further mentioned below based on the needs.

Block Adult Content

If you only wish to block adult sites on Safari so that your kids can’t have access to any such harmful things. You only have to enable a feature already available on your Apple device.

The feature will prevent your kids from accessing any adult sites. Safari will automatically blocklist the sites that have adult content.

Here are the steps to Block Adult Content Sites on the Safari browser on iPhone or iPad:

  1. Open the device Settings app, and choose the Screen Time tab.
  2. Tap on the Content & Privacy Restrictions option.
    Content and Privacy Restrictions Screen Time settings
  3. Enable the toggle for Content & Privacy Restriction to make all other options available.
  4. Tap on the Content Restrictions tab option.
    Content Restrictions under Content and Privacy Restrictions setting
  5. Select Web Content within Content Restriction.
  6. Switch to Limit Adult Websites to enable the automatic blocklisting of adult sites feature.
    iOS Limit Adult Websites Web Content

By using this feature, you will be enabled to automatically block all the major possible websites that have adult content. But, there is a caveat. It won’t block sites that are unpopular or have hidden content.

info iconNote: It won’t block any violence and adult content on social media.

Block a Website

If you want to protect your kids from specific sites, for example, social media sites, etc. Then you can block those particular websites on Safari. You only have to know the URL of the websites.

Collecting all the URLs of the websites you want to block beforehand will be wise. Copy the URL from the Safari address bar and add them to the blocking site list.

Here are the steps to block websites in the Safari browser on iPhone or iPad:

  1. Launch your Settings app, and go to Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions.
  2. Select the Web Content option within the Content Restriction tab.
    Web Content under Content Restrictions settings
  3. On the Web Content page, switch to the Limit Adult Website option.
  4. Now under the NEVER ALLOW section, tap on the Add Website command.
  5. Enter the site URL to block.
    Enter URL to Block Website in iOS
  6. Hit on Done, and the specific site is blocked.

This method allows you to add as many websites as you want to the block list. It also blocks blocklisted websites automatically that have adult content.

Allow Specific Websites

Using this method, you will be blocking every website on Safari. However, this will only grant you access to a few websites you would have been allowed list.

You need to know the URL of the website to allowlist the site. The method will prevent your kids from accessing any suspicious sites, and they can only visit sites you have safelisted.

Follow the steps below to allow a limited website on Safari:

  1. Open your Settings app and tap on Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions.
  2. Next, tap on Content Restrictions and then the Web Content option.
  3. Switch to the option Allowed Websites Only.
    Allowed Websites Only Web Content iPadOS
  4. Tap on Add Website to add the websites you want access to.
  5. Enter the URL, and tap on the Done command button.

It will block every website on the internet and only access the website you have added to Allowed List. To enable access to other sites, you must manually add the website URL address to the Allowed Website section.

Bottom Line: Block Website on Safari

You can block adult websites on Safari, open your Settings app, and enable the Limit Adult websites options under Content & Privacy > Content Restrictions > Web content. This will restrict all famous adult and pornographic content.

If you want to block a specific website, go to your settings app’s web content page. Ensure you have enabled the Limit adult websites feature, then click on the Add a website option under the NEVER ALLOW label. Type or paste your website address and click on done.

To access only a specific website, and to block every website, go to the web content page in Settings and tap on Allow websites Only. Click on the Add website option and the website address you want access to. Click on done, and now all the other websites will be blocked rather than the whitelisted site.

Similarly, you can also improve the privacy and security of your safari browser, which can help protect your data from malicious attacks.

I use the feature to block adult content and websites I no longer want to view or visit. As mentioned, the content and site-blocking feature in Safari is beneficial if you have kids at your home and you often grab your phone or use a shared iPad.

What do you think about the feature to block websites on the Safari browser? Do you use it often?

F.A.Qs: Block Sites on Safari iOS or iPad

We have listed some of the frequently asked questions regarding how to block a website on Safari iOS or iPad:

How to Block a specific website on Safari iOS?

Tap on the Settings app on your iOS device and then navigate to Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions. Now, click on the Content restrictions and open Web content. On the Web Content page, click on the Limit Adult Website, and under the Never Allow section, tap on Add Website and paste the URL of the site that you want to block in Safari iOS.

How to Block Adult Content on Safari iOS or iPad?

Tap on the Settings app on your iOS device and then navigate to Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions. Now, click on the Content restrictions and open Web content. On the Web Content page, click the Limit Adult Website to block adult content on Safri iOS or iPad.

How to Allow specific websites on Safari iOS?

Tap on the Settings app on your iOS device and then navigate to Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions. Now, click on the Content restrictions and open Web content. There will be an option as, Allowed Websites Only; tap on it, click on Add website, enter the URL to allow the specific site on Safari iOS, and tap on done.

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4 thoughts on “How to Block a Sites on Safari iPhone or iPad”

  1. But as soon as i type in the url, it shows this website is blocked but unfortunately right underneath it shows an option to allow that website access. So that defeats the purpose if it is so easy to unlock the website.

  2. The answer to the question in the headline is “Apple doesn’t allow that.” Safari and iOS absolutely do not allow you to block a specific website. They only allow you to block adult websites AND a specific website of your choice. But what if an adult needs a restriction from certain websites, but doesn’t want adult websites because they have a gambling addiction (not my issue), compulsivity post on social media (not my issue, except for an occasional problem with Twitter), read news websites compulsively to the exusion of working (my problem)? Unlike other browsers, Safari doesn’t allow it and – because Apple doesn’t let Chrome handle content blocking, Chrome on iOS doesn’t allow it either.

    Yes, as an adult who knows his own passwords, I can bypass any restrictions I set, but that little barrier almost always is enough to stop me. So, instead I have to leave my phone on another room to get work done, which presents other issues.

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