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How to Clear Browsing Data from Safari iPhone/iPad

Learn how to delete the browsing history, browser cookies, and cache storage from the Safari browser on iPhone and iPad devices on a single touch command.

The Safari browser on iPhone and iPad records history, cookies, and cache information in its storage. Over time, this information is accumulated and grows in size. However, the browser offers the option to clear the browsing history, cookies, and, cache data to free the device space and eliminate page loading errors.

Clear Browsing and Site Data on Safari browser

The Safari browser records all browsing history and data storage like cookies and files cache. Hence, it is recommended to delete all the information stored in the browser occasionally. This will also bring down the storage space occupied by obsolete files.

The Safari browser does offer an option to delete all three elements (browsing history, site cookies, and file cache) with a single tap.

Please note that it’s an irreversible process, and once the data is deleted, the files and cookies will be re-downloaded from the server on the next visit. Due to this, you may experience a bit of slow loading at first instance.

Clear Browsing History

You can easily remove the browsing history from the Safari browser on iOS or iPadOS. This will clean up all the site history from the browser storage. To do so, one should know how to clear history on an iPad or iPhone.

Here are the steps to clear your browsing history:

  1. Launch the Safari app on iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap on the Book icon next to the URL bar.
  3. Switch to the History tab.
  4. Within the History tab at the bottom, tap on the Clear command button.
    Clear Browser History from Safari on iOS and iPadOS

This will delete the entire browsing history from the Safari browser. Please note that this is an irreversible process and may not leave the ability to recover it once deleted.

If unaware, you can also use history to open the recently closed tabs within Safari.

Clear Cookies and Cache

One can quickly delete cookies and cache storage of all the websites from the Safari browser on iOS and iPadOS. It will also help in recovering the storage space occupied in the browser due to stored cache files. To clear cookies on an iPad or iPhone, one should know how to do it step-by-step.

Here are the steps to clear cookies and cache:

  1. Open the Settings app on the iPhone or iPad.
  2. Scroll down and choose Safari from the Settings page.
  3. From Safari Settings, select the Clear History and Website Data options.
  4. Within the popup dialog box, tap on the Clear command button.
    Clear History Cookies and Cache data from Safari Settings in iPhone and iPad

It will clear the browsing history, website cookies, and cache data. It will clear cookies on iPad or iPhones that may take up unnecessary space.

Bottom Line

Apple Safari is a simple privacy-focused browser that allows clearing browsing history. It also helps to clear cookies on iPad or iPhones and file cache data. A simple tap on Clear History and Website Data will help to remove all the stored files.

It also helps in protecting data privacy and removes redundant files from the browser storage.

What do you think about the feature to clear the browsing data from Safari iPhone? How often do you clear the data?

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