How to Enable Privacy and Security Settings in Safari iOS/iPadOS?

Learn how to enable privacy and improve the data security of the safari browser by blocking irrelevant permissions and trackers. Safari has privacy and security settings to enhance data security in the iPhone or iPad.

The privacy and security have been a major concern these days. There have been a lot of laws around protecting user privacy and data security. The laws like GDPR, COPPA, CCPA, etc. came into existence in the past few years. And we need to get too serious about the data we share with large organizations.

The safari browser is known for its privacy and safety compared to other top browsers. Likewise, Safari does offer a feature that helps in protecting the privacy and security of the individual. These features are very limited but quite useful.

You just need to adjust the settings based on your requirement in privacy and security settings on the Safari Settings page.

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Imagine there is no privacy and security with our data. Every corporation will try to buy our data and manipulate for their betterment at the cost of our lives. In order to stop this, it’s highly recommended to keep our information secret and use private browsing whenever we can.

How to Enable Privacy and Security in Safari iPhone or iPad?

You can simply toggle the options to customize and enable the privacy and security settings in the Safari browser on the iPhone and iPad.

Here are the steps to enable privacy and security in the Safari on iOS and iPadOS:

  1. Open the Settings app on the iPhone or iPad.
  2. Scroll down and choose the Safari browser from Settings.
  3. From Safari Settings, scroll down to the PRIVACY & SECURITY section.
  4. Enable or disable the toggle buttons to prevent trackers and data theft.

Privacy and Security Settings for Safari iOS and iPadOS

Based on the settings you’ve chosen the privacy and security of your Safari browser are maintained on the iPhone or iPad. You can also clear history and website data frequently to safeguard your browsing data.

If you aren’t sure what options should be selected, then leaving the settings to default is strongly recommended.

Bottom Line: Safari iOS Privacy and Security Settings

The Apple Safari browser is known for its amazing in-built privacy and security integration. One can customize a few extra options to strengthen these security set up to the next level and make the data privacy even stronger.

Personally, I block all the web trackers and do not allow any site to read the phone status and my data. If you do not use certain features, like Apple Pay, Browser Cookies, then just block them from all sites that you visit on the Safari browser.

Similarly, you can also improve the privacy and security settings in Safari mac computer. If your browser has accumulated too much data, then you can quickly clear the storage at one click.

Let us know what do you think about the privacy settings within the safari browser? Also please share your security setup with us.

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