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How to Block Misleading Popup Ads on Chrome Android?

Sites might sometimes push some misleading and unwanted Ads in Chrome and if you are also disturbed by these Ads then you must block such Ads by enabling the Ad Blockers in Chrome. To do so, you need to open the Chrome app and tap on the three dots in the corner, and then open Settings. Next, go to the site settings and open Ads, and toggle the tab off to enable the Ads Blockers.

Imagine watching a video or reading through an article or a blog, and all of a sudden, an annoying popup ad and redirect ad show up in your browser. This happens to me most of the time. These annoying and intrusive ads are mostly from the advertiser and publishers who are just trying to make money out of online business. While the publisher does not have full control but the advertisers are the ones who ruin the user experience mostly.

Advertisement is the primary source of income for most content creators and online publishers. However, there is also a group of people whose intent is to just mislead and spam the user with intrusive ads to make money. This also leads to scamming and even access to adult websites without consent.

Hence, the in-built Chrome Ad Blocker helps in blocking these types of ads and allowing only legitimate ads to display. It won’t completely block the ads on a website that you’re visiting, however, it will limit the number and may also clean the browsing experience if needed.

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I keep the block ads on chrome option enabled all the time and it’s been really helpful to fight against scammers. It also helps me to have a hassle-free experience while browsing online. Now, nothing can interrupt my reading.

How to Enable Ad Blocker in Chrome Android?

As I mentioned earlier, the in-built ad blocker option does not block all the ads on the website, but only curtails the misleading and vague pop-up ads. After all, it is a good feature to start in the Chrome browser.

Here are the steps on how to block ads on Chrome Android:

  1. Launch Google Chrome App on Android Phone.
  2. Tap on vertical 3dots icon the menu for options.
  3. Select the Settings option from the available list.
  4. Scroll down and tap on the Site Settings option.
  5. Within Site Settings, select the Ads menu.
  6. Turn OFF the Ads toggle button to block ads.
  7. If the Ads toggle is disabled by default, just turn ON and switch back to OFF again.

Please note that, if you turn ON the toggle then intrusive ads won’t be blocked.

Chrome Android Block Ads in-built option

The spammy popup ads will be blocked after you enable the block ads on the chrome option. It will also help you to safeguard your data and protect it from hacking and redirect spam.

Hence, make sure you always keep the Ad-Blocker option enabled in Chrome Android. There is also an option to disable the pop-up using pop-up blockers in Chrome which I think we have to keep enabled.

Video Setup Chrome Android AdBlocker

In this video demo, you will learn how to block ads on chrome to stop misleading and intrusive ads without damaging the content creators’ revenue.

How to Block Misleading Popup Ads on Chrome Android?

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Bottom Line: Chrome Android Block Ads

The intrusive ads are often misleading since we are bombarded with unlimited ads on a single tab. It’s always better to keep the built-in ad blocker enabled in a chrome computer. It will allow only selected ad networks to display that follow IAB standards.

This feature has helped me in blocking all the malicious and spammy ads that interrupt me while reading on my chrome browser. The blocks ads on chrome are an efficient feature if used properly.

Similarly, you can also block misleading pop-up ads on chrome computers. This will only hide the intrusive ads. However, if you want to block all ads, then you can use the chrome adblocker extensions.

Have you enabled the ad blocker on a chrome computer? Do you use any third-party ad block extension on chrome computers?


How to enable the Ad Blockers in Chrome Android?

To enable the Adblocker in Chrome Android, open the Chrome and tap on the three dots in the corner and select the Settings then search for Site Settings. Tap on Site Settings where you will find the option Ads, click on it and toggle off the Ads to enable the Ad Blockers in Chrome Android.

How to disable the Ad Blockers in Chrome Android?

If you want to disable the Ad Blockers in Chrome Android then tap on the three dots on the three dots in the corner and then open Settings>Site Settings>Ads. Finally, toggle on the Ads to disable the AdBlockers.

Can I block the misleading Ads in Chrome Android?

Yes, the misleading Ads in Chrome Android can be blocked from the settings.

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