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How to Check Phone Browser Version in Android and iOS

Learn how to check browser versions on Android and iOS devices. We can check the version for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and other browsers from its About page.

Mobile browser version becomes crucial to run sites or extensions and verify version compatibility with third-party apps. Different browsers and operating systems have unique steps to verify or check the Mobile Browser version. In most cases, the browser version is mentioned on the about page of the browser app.

Check Installed Web Browser Versions

The browser version you are using might not be something you check regularly, and this thought won’t even cross people’s minds as long as everything runs smoothly. Nevertheless, at some point, it will become vital to know your browser version in some situations.

When your browser is not working as intended, we find some missing features compared to your friends. The browser version helps identify if we are running on the same tech stack.

Internet security, gaming capabilities, and the effectiveness of the latest time-saving tools depend totally on the latest version of your browser to ensure they function correctly. It is easy to identify your browser version if you know where to look.

Recently my younger brother was trying to play a browser game, and he constantly received the message that his Browser version wasn’t compatible with running the game. He then asked me if I knew how to check the version of the browser on Android. I told him the steps he could follow to check his mobile browser’s version and update it to the latest version.

Not every browser has the same steps to check the browser version example, we can check the browser version of Google Chrome within the available app; however, we need to check in phone settings for Safari browser.

Chrome Mobile Version Number

If your Chrome browser is not updated to the latest versions, you might face problems running some sites or missing features. So, this is why you must update your Chrome browser to the latest version.

Chrome for Android

The browser version number in Chrome for Android is mentioned within the browser. You can check the About page of Chrome browser to identify the latest version.

Here are the steps to check the browser version on Chrome for Android:

  1. Launch the Chrome app on your Android device.
  2. Tap on the More vertical 3dots icon options at the top right corner.
    More menu option in Chrome for Android
  3. Select Settings from the menu list.
    Settings menu in Chrome for AndroidIt will open the Chrome Android Setting page.
  4. Scroll down and tap on About Chrome at the bottom.
    About Chrome browser on Android Phone
  5. It will display Chrome for the Android application version.Chrome Android Browser Version in About page

Chrome browsers update frequently so that you might see the upgrade in version number.

Chrome for iOS

Like Chrome for Android, the Chrome Browser for iOS offers the option to view the Browser version under the Chrome settings page.

Here are the steps to check the browser version on Chrome for iPhone:

  1. Launch the Google Chrome app on your iOS device.
  2. Tap on the More horizontal 3dots icon menu at the bottom right corner.
  3. Select the Settings menu from the list.
    Settings menu in Chrome for iPhone
  4. Scroll down and open on About tab.
    About page tab in Chrome for iOS
  5. The browser version number will appear.
    Chrome for iOS version build number

Checking the browser version of Google Chrome in Android and iOS has similar steps to be followed. If you find that the version you use is not the latest one, consider updating them from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Firefox Mobile Browser Version

Mozilla Firefox is another modern browser for both Android and iOS users. We can check the version within the browser interface.

Firefox for Android

Firefox for Android has very similar to Firefox computers. The latest build browser number is mentioned in the Firefox settings menu.

Here are the steps to check the browser version for Firefox on Android:

  1. Launch the Firefox app for Android on your device.
  2. Tap on the More horizontal 3bar icon option present at the top right corner.More options menu in Firefox for Android
  3. Choose the Settings menu.
    Firefox Settings menu in Android Phone
  4. Select About Firefox present at the bottom.
    About Firefox menu under Firefox Settings
  5. Firefox application version will be present at the top.
    Mozilla Firefox Build Version number in Android Phone

Just like Chrome, Firefox is also frequently updated, and you can see the latest build number and the date of the last update on Firefox for Android.

Firefox for iOS

The option to view Firefox for the iOS Browser version is similar to the Android version. However, it does not have a dedicated About page which mentions the browser version, but you can find it under the Firefox settings menu.

Here are the steps to check the browser version for Firefox on iOS:

  1. Launch Firefox app on your iOS device.
  2. Tap on the More horizontal 3bar icon menu icon at the bottom right corner.
    Menu bar in Firefox for iOS
  3. Select on Settings menu from the list.
    Settings menu tab in Firefox for iOS
  4. Scroll down to see the version number listed under the About section.
    About Firefox menu in iPhone

Hence, once you have checked your respected browser’s version, make sure to compare it with the latest one and update it if not the same.

Check Edge Browser Version

Unlike Chrome and Firefox, this method is almost identical for Microsoft Edge on iOS and Android. The Microsoft Edge is built on the chromium engine and very much follows the same build number pattern as the Chrome browser.

Here are the steps to check the mobile browser version of Microsoft Edge:

  1. Launch Microsoft Edge for Android.
  2. Tap on the More menu in the middle at the bottom.
    More menu button in Edge for Android
  3. Select the Settings menu from the list.
    Microsoft Edge Settings gear menu in Android Phone
  4. Scroll to the bottom and choose About Microsoft Edge.
    About Microsoft Edge Tab in Android Phone
  5. Check for the Edge browser version at the bottom.
    Microsoft Edge version in Android Phone

Similarly, on iOS, scroll down to see the browser version at the bottom of the Microsoft Edge Settings page.

The Microsoft Edge works more smoothly with all the latest features with an updated version.

Safari iOS App Version Number

Lastly, we have the Safari browser in the list, which is popular among iOS users, But there is no Safari browser for Android users. Apple has limited Safari Browser to just its ecosystem.

There isn’t a browser version number for Safari on iPhone or iPad. The number instead matches with the current build of the Apple operating system.

Here are the steps to check the browser version of Safari on iPhone:

  1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap on the General settings option.
    General Settings menu in iPhone Settings app
  3. Select the About menu under the General settings page.
    About iPhone Apple Device under General Settings
  4. Check the Software Version number.
    Software Version number in iPhone General settings

Safari Browser is only for iOS users. Along with it, the browser’s version number remains the same for the current software version of iOS.

Bottom Line

It was all about checking the Mobile Browser version in Android and iOS on Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari.

As mentioned before, it might be essential to know your browser version in some situations. But it is always recommended to keep your browser updated to the latest version. Don’t forget to mention which browser version and operating system you are currently running on if you face any issues.

Now you can check the Browser version on your Android or iOS device; it’s a straightforward process. But still, if you have any difficulties, feel free to share your thoughts.


We have listed some of the frequently asked questions regarding how to check mobile browser version numbers on different browsers and operating systems:

How do I check the Browser Version in Chrome?

Tap the More options menu and select “Settings” to find the “About” option. Click About Chrome, and you will see your Chrome Browser version.

Can I check Mobile Browser Version in iOS?

Yes, you can check the browser versions in iOS by visiting the settings of the respective browsers that you are using. Just search for “About” in the settings of the browsers.

How do I view the Mobile Browser versions on my Android Phone?

You need to open the settings of the browsers you use on your Android phone. After then, lookup at the “About” menu. You will view the browser version within the about browser page.

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