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How to Clear Cache and Data of any App in iPhone

Learn how to clear the cache and storage data occupied by app running on your iPhone or iPad device. We can use the Phone Settings to manage and clear data.

The Apps installed on your iPhone and iPad has ability to save and store the data into storage memory. This data is used for improving the app performance and also storing our credentials. The iOS offers options to manage and clear the storage data from the Phone Settings menu. You can check individual app storage size and delete saved documents and data.

Clear Cache and Data of Any iPhone App

Every app that we use on our smartphones transacts in the form of data packets. These packets have different sizes and file types. It can be video or image or website scripts like CSS, HTML, etc., which are stored as a cache.

The storage data from the apps can grow over time which might result in loading issues and occasionally crashing the app. In such cases, clearing the storage data can fix such issues.

Apps built in the Apple ecosystem have to strictly follow the developer guidelines and adhere to various security setups. Hence, tweaking any iPhone or iPad app is harder than Android apps. It’s the same when we have to clear the App’s cache and data.

Generally, the web browser does have the option to clear the data within the browser settings page, but most other apps do not have such a feature. We must rely on the Storage menu under iPhone Settings to view and clear the stored data.

Every app on iPhone or iPad has different levels of permissions, and with differences in system and normal (or App Store installable) apps, clearing the data becomes even more complicated.

Anyways, we tried to simplify the process and shared the simplest possible steps that can help you clear the Apps data stored in your app devices.

Clear Data of iPhone Apps

As mentioned earlier, clearing the data from the Apps running on iPhone or iPad is tricky. We cannot completely wipe out data from system apps like Phones, Messages, etc. However, for installed apps, you need to uninstall the app itself to remove the documents and storage files. There is also an option known as Offload App, which retains the app data but deletes the application itself.

Here are the steps to clear the stored app data from your iPhone or iPad:

  1. Open Settings on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap on General and select the iPhone Storage menu.
    iPhone Storage Settings menuFor iPad, you need to open the iPad Storage menu.
  3. Tap on the App that you want to clear the data (ex: YouTube).
    iPhone Storage page with app storage informationYou can also tap on the Search icon to find the app.
  4. Tap on the Delete App to clear the entire cache and data from your device.
    Delete App and Offload App command in iPhone Settings
  5. Tap to Confirm the data deletion.
info icon
Caution: the Delete App command will also remove or uninstall the app from your iPhone or iPad. You must reinstall the app and sign in with credentials if you want to use it.

In the case of the Offload App, the selected App will be removed from your devices, but the residual documents and data will still be retained in the device storage. Hence, whenever you re-install the app, the iPhone or iPad will restore the data back into the application if the app is still available in App Store.

However, you might still have to sign in with credentials, but the offloaded app will respond comparatively faster than deleted app.

Bottom Line

Clearing the Apps data from Apple devices is comparatively tough than that of Android apps. We have to actually delete the app from the iPhone to clear the storage data, unlike Android, which allows us to clear the cache and storage without removing the app.

If we delete the app from the device, the related documents and data will be completely removed; however, if we offload the app, the device can reinstate the data and settings after reinstalling the app from App Store.

The best possible solution to clear the app data from iPhone or iPad is to use the Delete App command and download it from the App Store. This will ensure the residual data is removed and a fresh app is installed without any issues.

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