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How to Create Shortcut and Add to Desktop in Chrome Computer?

Shortcut links are the quickest possible way to reach the page or site without wasting your time in a lengthy process. In chrome, to create and add the shortcut links, you need to first launch the site or page whose link you want to create. Now, further, tap on the three dots at the top right corner of the screen and open the more tools option. From there tap on Create Shortcuts and check the name of the link and hit the Create Tab. This will automatically add the shortcut icon link to your desktop.

When we install any software or program on our Windows machine, it typically ends up creating a shortcut link to the program. The shortcut link will eliminate the process to search the program’s executable file within our machine. Hence, with a single click, you can just launch the program at ease.

Similarly, you can also create shortcut links to the frequently visited website or your online program that your business relies on and add them to the home screen or desktop. When you open the shortcut with a double-click, it will automatically launch the Google Chrome program app and also load the website page that you’ve created as a  shortcut.

There are several websites that I frequently visit. It becomes tedious to search for them again and again. The best way to browse through them easily is by creating shortcut links to them and adding them to chrome.

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You can move your shortcut link from the desktop to any folder or even delete it without touching the chrome browser settings. It’s easy to create and simple to manage.

How to Create Chrome Shortcut and Add to Desktop on Chrome?

The shortcut links always help in reducing effort and improving productivity. I have my own blog URL and a few other frequently visited websites as a shortcut on the desktop for easy use. The add chrome shortcut to the desktop is an amazing feature offered by chrome!

Here are the steps to create a chrome shortcut link and add it on the home screen using the Chrome computer:

  1. Launch the Google Chrome browser on your computer.
  2. Open the website that you want to send to your other devices.
  3. Click on vertical 3dots icon menu for options.
  4. Hover on the More Tools option from the list.
  5. Click on the Create Shortcut… command option.
  6. Customize the link title and also enable or disable the checkbox to open the link in a window.
  7. Hit on the Create command button.

Create Shortcut and Add to Home Screen in Chrome Computer

This will create a shortcut link and place it on the desktop screen with a hyperlink. When you double-click the shortcut, it will automatically open the website link on the chrome browser. And that’s how the chrome shortcut on desktop works!

Bottom Line: Chrome Computer Shortcut Link

Shortcut links are easy to create and manage. Chrome’s ability to create a website page shortcut is in-built and really easy. Just simply select the Create Shortcut… option from the menu and the link is dropped on the desktop home screen. One should know to create a chrome shortcut on the desktop to see it all in action.

As mentioned, I have a few shortcuts to the sites that I often visit that helps in launching the website with a single click without launching the browser and looking up the site. The chrome shortcut on desktop feature makes everything extremely convenient and easy!

Similarly, you can also create shortcuts on chrome android and add them to the Home screen. Just like a desktop browser, the links will launch only on google chrome. The shortcut links also have a small chrome icon as an identification mark.

Have you started using the shortcut link from the chrome browser? how was your experience creating one?

FAQs: Add Chrome Shortcut Link to Desktop

Now, we will look into some frequently asked questions regarding adding a Chrome Shortcut to the Desktop.

How to Create and add the Chrome Shortcut to the desktop?

To create and add a Chrome shortcut to the desktop, one has to launch the site first and then tap on the three dots at the top right corner. Now, tap on More tools and then create a shortcut. At last, simply confirm the name and tap on the create option.

How to delete the Shortcut link created through Chrome and added to the desktop?

To delete the Shortcut link created through Chrome on the desktop, right-click on the shortcut icon and tap on delete.

How to change the name of the Shortcut link of Chrome Computer before adding it to the desktop?

If you want to change the name of the shortcut link before adding it to the desktop you need to first launch the site and tap on the three dots and go to the more tools option. Next, check the name or enter whatever name you prefer and hit on Create tab.

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  1. Is there a hotkey – or way to make one –
    to “Create Shortcut …”,
    give it a name,
    and add to Desktop”
    in Chrome Computer?

  2. Is there a way to transfer saved sites to see phone I have 2 folders of sites I saved to my phones home screen and can’t find anyway to transfer them can’t import them to chrome because import bookmarks ain’t there 🙂 please help

  3. What if it didn’t work. I have others that worked but not this link. Is there a max number of short cuts that can be on the google home page?

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