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How to Download Apple Safari on Mobile and Tablet/iPad?

Safari browser featured by Apple is the default browser which is pre-installed in all the iOS mobile phones and iPad. You cannot uninstall or install the Safari Browser from your iPhone or iPad but you can only update it to the latest version. For Android users, it might be disappointing, but there are no Safari versions or updates available. So, Android users cannot use the Safari browser on their mobile phones and should keep up with their current browsers.

Safari is the world’s fastest browser with a Javascript engine. It is highly powered efficient and best at privacy. Safari Browser is developed to run majorly on Apple devices. You can run the Safari browser only on Apple devices. Apple is strictly restricting its software business only to Apple devices. A similar approach has also been noticed in the mobile segment as well.

The Apple devices are pre-loaded with Safari browser, but not available for download in Android OS. My friend just bought herself a brand new iPad and needed help with setting it up. She also wanted to install the Safari browser on it. So, she asked for my help.

Here is the screenshot of opened on the Apple iPad.

Download Apple Safari Browser on iPadOS

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In this article, we are going to learn how to download the Safari browser on mobile and iPad devices. We will also discover that which mobile OS supports Safari browser and which doesn’t.

Safari App Download for iOS

As mentioned above, the Safari browser is pre-installed on iOS devices. Be it an iPhone or iPod, the Safari is already installed. Hence, there is no way to download or install the Safari app from the App Store. There is no need for the Safari app download on iOS.

However, you can only update when it is available in Software Updates under Settings > General.

Safari App Download for iPadOS

Similar to iOS, the iPad has the same limitation. You can neither uninstall nor download the Safari for iPadOS. You may just be able to update the Safari browser from Software updates under General settings. Hence, there is particularly no need for the Safari app download on iPadOS.

Download Apple Safari on iPadOS iPad

Download Apple Safari for Android

Unfortunately, there is no official Safari browser for Android OS. Apple has never developed a Safari browser for Android smartphones. It’s always been that way. I will never expect Apple to build a Safari browser for Android.

If you’re an Android person, then stick to the browser that goes well with Android.

An alternative to Safari for Mobile and Tablets

Here are a few alternatives that you can consider for your mobile phone or tablet device apart from the Safari browser:

Bottom Line: Safari App Download

Safari browser is the most compatible for all the devices with iOS. If you have just purchased a new iPhone or iPad and are looking for a Safari app download, worry not! It is already available on your device. All you have to do is update it to the latest version.

The same happened with my friend who was looking for a Safari app download on her new iPad, instead, I helped her update it. I told her how all iOS devices already have the Safari browser. Also, the same cannot be uninstalled from iOS.

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Let me know if you’re facing any challenges with the Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad.


Can I download Safari Browser for my Android Phone?

No, Safari Browser is not available for Android phones.

How should I download the Safari Browser for my iPhone?

The Safari browser is pre-installed on iPhone and cannot be uninstalled.

What are the steps to download the Safari browser on an iPad?

iPad also has the Safari browsers pre-installed in it which can neither be installed it uninstalled. All you can do is update it to the latest version of Safari.

Lastly, here are the recommended web browsers for computer and mobile phone that you should give a try.

Chrome WindowsChrome MacChrome iOSChrome AndroidFirefox Linux
Firefox WindowsSafari MacSafari iOSEdge AndroidChrome Linux
Edge WindowsFirefox MacEdge iOSSamsung InternetEdge Linux

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6 thoughts on “How to Download Apple Safari on Mobile and Tablet/iPad?”

  1. I do updates on my iPhone 7+as they become available however, currently 14.8.7, lately I keep getting messages when searching to update my browser (safari), do you know why, and what I should do?

    1. A friend recently helped me manage a query I had about location services on my phone but since the I seem to have lost Safari on my eye pad which is important to me
      I want to update it which I believe is required and understand here that I need to go into Settings. Is this the answer and is it easy. I am off Senior age and not entirely confident

  2. Google is on this iPad also and I want it off as it causes me problems. I was told by the Staples technician that I needed to phone Apple to ask how to remove google.
    Do you know how to advise me on this issue?

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