How to Download Apple Safari on Mobile and Tablet/iPad?

Learn how to download Apple Safari browser for iPhone, iPod, and iPad for free. The Safari browser is pre-installed in Apple devices, but not available for other mobile operating system.

In the previous article where I have written about on download Apple Safari for computers, I mentioned that Apple is strictly restricting its software business only to Apple devices. A similar approach has also been noticed in the mobile segment as well.

The Apple devices are pre-loaded with Safari browser, but not available for download in Android OS.

Here is the screenshot of opened on the Apple iPad.
Download Apple Safari Browser on iPadOS

In this article, we are going to learn how to download the Safari browser on mobile and iPad devices.

Let get started with Safari browser for phones —

Download Apple Safari for iOS

As mentioned above, the Safari browser is pre-installed in the iOS devices. Be it an iPhone or iPod, the Safari is already installed. Hence, there is no way to download or install the Safari app from the App Store.

However, you can only update when it available in Software Updates under Settings > General.

Download Apple Safari for iPadOS

Similar to iOS, the iPadOS has the same limitation. You can neither uninstall nor download the Safari for iPadOS. You may just be able to update the Safari browser from Software updates under General settings.
Download Apple Safari on iPadOS iPad

Download Apple Safari for Android

Unfortunately, there is no official Safari app for Android OS. Apple has never developed an app for Android smartphones. It’s always being that way. I will never expect Apple to build a Safari browser for Android.

If you’re an Android person, then stick to the browser that goes good with Android.

An alternative to Safari for Mobile and Tablets

Here are a few alternatives that you can consider for your mobile phone or tablet device apart from Safari browser:

Let me know if you’re facing any challenges with the Safari browser on your mobile phone.

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