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Save Pages for Offline Reading in Brave browser on a Computer

Are you looking to save and download a webpage for offline access on the Brave browser on your computer? Learn how to save webpages for offline viewing.

We can save the web page and store it locally on the computer using the Brave browser ‘Save page as’ option. The saved web page will be available for offline access without the internet. The saved page is stored in HTML format, including the images. Alternatively, we can also save the page in PDF format.

Download Page for Offline Access on Brave browser

Have you ever wanted to download a web page? Maybe you liked the page’s contents or needed it for some work. The point is that technology has allowed people to download web pages and access them offline.

Anyone can do it with just a few clicks on the Brave browser. For the unaware, Brave browser is a fast and safe browser centered around its users’ privacy. The browser is a good substitute for other browsers, and hence it has become quite popular. Many people have switched to it.

So, due to its popularity, I will be talking about downloading web pages on the Brave browser to view them in the absence of an internet connection. We have detailed the whole process, and you can follow the mentioned methods to save web pages for later easily.

Downloaded web pages on the Brave browser are saved in HTML format. Although we can save the web page in PDF format, some prefer downloading pages as HTML files. People can access PDF and HTML files of the downloaded web pages on the Brave browser; hence it is up to them to decide which file format they prefer.

Browser Offline Pages

Please keep reading the article to know what you need to do to download web pages so you can access them without internet access. I have presented the steps in a simplified manner for your easy understanding.

The Brave browser will save the downloaded file in an HTML file and the required images. Here are the steps to download pages for offline access:

  1. Launch the Brave browser on your computer.
  2. Open the web page that you want to save for offline access.
  3. Click on the More horizontal 3bar icon menu for the options list.
  4. Expand on the More tools option, and select the ‘Save page as’ option.
    Save page as option in Brave browserIt will open the save webpage window.
  5. Rename and choose the folder location for storage.
  6. Hit on the Save button.
    Save Webpage as Complete HTML in Brave Browser

It will immediately save the file and store it locally for offline access.

Alternatively, you can press the keys Ctrl/Cmd + S simultaneously to access the ‘Save as’ window. You can also right-click for the context menu on the web page and select ‘Save as’ to access the window.

Save As Web Page in Brave Browser for offline access

Please select a location for the file and give it a name in the next window opening. After this, click on Save to finish the process. It will save the web page on your device. In this way, you can download and access pages on the Brave browser.

Bottom Line

It is not an arduous task to download pages to access them offline on the Brave browser. It is an easy one that barely takes five minutes. It doesn’t matter if you have recently started using the Brave browser or have been using it for a long time; you can go through this article to understand how to download pages to view them later.

The Brave browser allows users to download web pages in HTML files. It can access these files in the absence of an internet connection. This feature is useful when people require the contents of a web page for use later but do not necessarily have an internet connection.

I have created this article so that people can use the Brave browser better. This article is helpful for anyone who wishes to quickly learn how to save web pages for offline access on Brave. You can even use the keyboard shortcut to reduce the time needed to complete the process.

Lastly, if you've any thoughts or feedback, then feel free to drop in below comment box. You can also report the outdated information.

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