How to Enable Force Zoom in Edge Android for Accessibility?

Learn how to enable forced zooming in the Microsoft Edge for Android. The zooming allows the mobile screen pinching action which is blocked by webmasters.

If you access websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc., and try to zoom the screen, you won’t be to zoom in. These websites restrict screen zooming in a mobile browser and often block zooming the content. However, a browser like Microsoft Edge for Android has a built-in accessibility option to override this zooming block.

I have been a constant sufferer of migraines. I always prefer bigger and bolder texts whenever I am reading anything online. Reading bigger fonts puts less strain on my eyes and reduces the chance of headaches. To ensure this, I discovered the zoom for Microsoft Edge on Android Phone.

With force zoom, the mobile site that does not allow zoom will also accept zooming. For example, if you want to magnify images in Facebook feeds, you can’t unless you enable the force zoom option.

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The option is known as force zoom and it’s also available in Chrome for Android. Once the option is enabled, you will no longer be blocked by site settings to zoom the screen.

How to Enable Force Zoom in Edge Android?

When the screen font or the picture is tiny we often try to zoom in to have a better view. But, what if the websites try to block this zooming feature? The good news is that we can enable the force zooming by using the zoom for Microsoft Edge.

Here are quick steps to enable forced zooming actions for websites blocking zooming in Edge for Android:

  1. Launch Microsoft Edge for Android browser.
  2. Tap on horizontal 3dots icon menu for options
  3. Select the Settings menu from the options list.
  4. Scroll down to the Accessibility option, and tap on it.
  5. Enable the checkbox against the Force Zoom option.

Enable Force zoom in Microsoft Edge for Android

Once the zoom Microsoft Edge is enabled, just refresh the website or page that you want to zoom. The website will now allow zooming the screen which was blocked earlier. In this way, Microsoft edge android solves our problems with small font size and pictures.

Bottom Line: Edge Computer Page Zooming

The force zoom will enable the zooming feature within the website that is blocked by website webmasters. Screen zooming has been a basic accessibility feature that’s available on all the major browsers on mobile.

The zoom on Microsoft edge helped me reading the smaller texts and images properly. I did not have to worry about my headaches anymore since it made reading and browsing extremely easy for me. The edge zoom is really an amazing feature.

Similarly, you can also zoom a page in the Edge computer browser. It will magnify the screen elements and text within the page just like in mobile.

How often do you use the edge force zoom? What do you think about this feature? Which is the most recent site have you used this feature?

Lastly, here are the recommended web browsers for your computer and mobile phone that you should give a try.

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