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How to Enable Force Zoom in Edge Computer

Learn how to enable the force zooming in the Edge computer browser. With zooming, you can magnify or shrink the size of the site loading in the browser.

Microsoft Edge allows users to enable the force zoom on websites that do not have a responsive design. Users can access this feature through the browser’s settings and set the zoom level for individual websites. This feature can help to improve accessibility and readability on websites that are not optimized for small screen resolutions.

Enable Page Zoom In and Out on Edge browser

Microsoft Edge allows you to zoom in and out of the page, which is available under the options menu. However, Edge also has the option to set the different zooming levels from the default 100%.

Also, if you are fed up with the extra-large texts on the site, you can reduce the text size in the Edge Browser using the same Force Zoom Feature.

You only need to set the zooming percent, and the Edge will automatically load the websites at selected zooming levels.

Enable Page Zoom

If you know the zoom settings well, you will not face many eye issues or headaches since it will make reading and browsing easier for you. Here are the simple steps to enable page zooming:

  1. Launch the Microsoft Edge on the Computer.
  2. Click on the More horizontal 3dots icon menu for options.
  3. Select Settings from the list.
  4. Switch to the Appearance section.
  5. Within the Zoom option, select the zooming level from the dropdown.
    Microsoft Edge Appearance Settings Force Zooming

This will automatically zoom the screen to the percentage which is set. Anything less than 100% will shrink, and over 100% will magnify. You can either zoom in to magnify or zoom out to minimize the size of the display.

Bottom Line

If you start using this feature effectively, I am sure you will see a visible change in the amount of stress and strain caused by the daily use of computers or laptops. With increased screen time, it is always convenient that we have an effective way to read.

Similarly, we can also force page zoom in the Edge Android. But, we can not set a default zoom level in the mobile browser.

I hope this article about Microsoft edge zoom settings makes your reading and browsing experience easier and better than it was before.

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