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How to Install Chrome Extensions on Edge Browser?

Chrome Extensions are pretty beneficial and extensible. Fortunately, you can also add any Chrome extensions in the Edge Browser. All you need is to allow the Chrome extensions on Edge, search for the extension you wish to add, and hit on Add Extension command. Please note that you cannot add the Edge extensions in the Chrome Browser.

Microsoft has embraced the Chromium project as part of the Microsoft Edge browser development. It’s not the first time some third-party browser has jumped on the Chromium bandwagon.

Earlier, Opera browser joined the chromium project along with Kiwi and Brave browsers. This makes the Chromium open-source project highly valuable.

Since the Microsoft Edge browser is built over Chromium, it’s possible to install the Google Chrome extensions without any issues. Chrome Web Store has thousands of extensions to unlock features and fulfill every user’s need.

I love Chrome extensions. They do everything from correcting Grammar to getting discounts on various shopping websites. When I learned they’re available on the Edge browser, I researched how to install Edge Chrome extensions.

Chrome Extensions on Edge

The Edge Chrome extensions serve a variety of purposes. They are instrumental, and everyone should know how to install Chrome extensions on Edge.

Here are the steps to install Chrome Extensions on Edge browser: 

  1. Launch the Edge browser and access the Chrome Web Store.
  2. Hit on the Allow extensions from other stores on the banner within Edge browser on Chrome Web Store.
    Edge Browser Allow extensions from other stores
  3. Click the Allow command button on the Edge alert pop-up window.
    Allow extensions from other stores Microsoft Edge
  4. Search for any extension, and hit the Add to Chrome button.
    Grammarly for Chrome Extension Add to Chrome
  5. Hit on Add Extension for Chrome Extension to add on Microsoft Edge browser
    Add Grammarly for Chrome to Microsoft Edge
    The Chrome Extension will be automatically downloaded and installed on Microsoft Edge Browser.

That’s it. We have successfully installed the Chrome Web Store extension on Microsoft Edge Chromium-based browser.

Similarly, you can install any Chrome extension on Microsoft Edge without any issues, and it will run smoothly.

Install Edge Extension on Chrome

Technically, it’s possible to install the Microsoft Store Edge extensions on the Google Chrome browser; however, Microsoft limits the ability to download the extension.

Microsoft Edge extension install on Chrome

It requires you to sign in to the Microsoft account on the device (Google Chrome as User), which is impossible. Hence, this limits the Edge extension to install only on the Microsoft Edge browser.

Bottom Line: Edge Chrome Extensions

There are thousands of Chrome extensions that you can play around with and install on the Microsoft Edge browser without any issues.

I love playing around with the Edge and Chrome extensions. There are so many of them that sometimes I fail to decide between them. All of them are equally useful and work without any issues. They make my work easier.

I also think that 99% of Microsoft Store extensions are already on Chrome. Hence, there is no need for another web store for the Chrome browser.

What are your thoughts on the ability to install Chrome Extensions on the Edge Chromium browser? Do you find them helpful?

F.A.Qs: Chrome Extensions on Edge

We have listed a few frequently asked questions related to installing the Chrome Extensions on the Microsoft Edge browser:

How to Install Chrome Extension on Edge Browser?

Launch Chrome Web Store in Edge Browser and grant all the permissions to install the Chrome Extension on Edge Browser. Now, search for the Extension you wish to add, then click on the Add Extension command to install the extension.

How to add Edge Extension on Chrome Browser?

Microsoft Edge extensions page requires you to sign in with Microsoft account as a User profile. Since you cannot sign in with Microsoft account in Google’s Chrome browser, it won’t allow adding the Edge Extension on Chrome Browser.

Can I use the Chrome Extension on Edge Browser?

Yes, installing the Chrome Extensions in the Edge Browser is possible. Perhaps, it allows all the Chrome extensions available.

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