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How to Enable Page Zoom on Opera Browser

Opera browser has a feature to set a new default page zooming level. We can set a value of page zoom greater or less than 100% for magnification and minimizing the screen elements, respectively. The Page zoom helps accessibility and reduces strain on the eyes if set properly. The Page Zoom option is available under the Appearance settings in the Opera browser.

The Opera Browser has proved its worth repeatedly by introducing unique and compelling features for all its users worldwide. The developers make it a point always to fix the significant or minor issues faced by their users. This friendly user interface provided by Opera has given it much-deserved popularity and fame.

The Opera Browser provides a myriad of fantastic features to choose from. One of them is page zooming. With this feature, you’re the master of your screen resolution.

Page zoom is beneficial for users who are not easily satisfied by the default resolution and wish to increase or decrease it. You can choose to increase it to as much as 500% or reduce it to 25% and the default set it to 100%.

Whenever my mother uses the laptop, she has problems with the resolution as it is not deemed fit for her eyes. In such a case, I introduced her to the forced zooming feature on the Opera Browser that will help her set the screen size according to her convenience. She usually increases it to 125% for a better viewing experience.

Page zoom in Opera browser is a one-time setup. It retains the zoom level even after restarting your computer.

Enable Page Zoom on Opera

The Opera Browser is highly customizable with tonnes of features. You also have the option to zoom in or zoom out on the browser according to your wish.

Here are the steps to help you enable page zoom on the Opera Browser:

  1. Launch Opera computer browser.
  2. Go to the Settings settings gear icon from the sidebar.
    Opera settings gear icon
  3. Scroll down to the Appearance section.
  4. In the Page zoom option, click on the zoom percent and select the desired zoom level.
    Page zoom options drop-down in Opera computer browser

Choose the option that best suits you, and you’ll see the browser adapt to the same.

It will easily enlarge or shrink the screen size of the Opera Browser. It is a beneficial feature for users who are visually impaired or have eyesight issues.

Bottom Line: Forced Zooming Opera

The Opera Browser is known for providing unique and intriguing features to its users all the time. The latest updates and enhancements have been a cherry on the top for users who are looking for experimentation and thrill in the digital world.

The page zooming feature has touched a new milestone by making it convenient for users who usually suffer from severe headaches or other eyesight issues due to their increased screen time. If the screen resolution is increased, it can make a great difference for the users and be easy on the eyes.

After my mother became familiar with the forced zooming feature on the Opera Browser, there was no stopping her. As she could zoom into the screen now, her reading of long-form texts became more accessible, and she complained less of her migraine.

Do you use the page zoom feature on Opera Browser? What is your new default zoom level?

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  1. the zoom used to be available in the Easy setup. It was very useful.Nopw I have to go through too much trouble to change it every time I have a different web page

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