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How to Enable Privacy Settings on Samsung Internet?

Learn how to enable and enhance the privacy and security settings on Samsung Internet. Enable smart anti-tracking, block unwanted sites, and get warnings.

There is a rising inclination towards the people about privacy. Samsung Internet offers you a good amount of control over privacy. It has a built-in ad blocker that prevents the websites from loading advertisements and tracking your activities. Most of the websites you visit track your online activities and use this collected information to display advertisements.

The increasing use of the internet has raised privacy concerns. One of my friends is an all-in social guy and spends most of the time on social media. Every day he uses social media and the data he provided while using these services are confidential. So it’s obvious for him to worry about privacy.

I have done my research and found out that enabling some privacy and security settings within the Samsung Internet will protect data privacy. While it’s true that nothing on the web is anonymous but still it is best practice to enable privacy settings.

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Samsung Internet offers few known privacy settings like do not track, blocking unwanted sites, it also includes a smart anti-tracking feature that helps in browsing safely.

Privacy Settings in Samsung Internet

Samsung Internet is not a privacy-centric browser but still, it enables you to block unwanted webpages, smart anti-tracking, ask sites to not track, secret mode settings, and so on. You can enable these privacy settings from the Samsung Internet settings.

Here are the steps to enable the privacy and security settings in Samsung Internet:

  1. Launch Samsung Internet browser on your Android.
  2. Tap on horizontal 3bar icon for menu list.
  3. Select the Settings menu option.
    Samsung Settings menu
  4. Choose the Privacy and Security settings from the list.
    Samsung Internet Privacy and Security Settings menuThis will display the list of privacy and security options available in the Samsung browser.
  5. Enable/Disable the Privacy and Security options per need.

You can enable a smart anti-tracking feature to prevent website cookies from tracking your online activity. However, by doing so, some websites might refuse to work, in such a case, you can disable the smart anti-tracking.

Enable Smart Anti-tracking in Samsung Internet

You can also enable the warn about malicious sites option. By doing so, Samsung Internet will warn whenever you’re about to visit a malicious site that was recognized as dangerous.

Block unwanted pages and warn malicious sites on Samsung internet

Additionally, you can also enable Block unwanted webpages, which will prevent unwanted web pages from loading. I also recommend you enable Ask sites not to track me options.

Bottom Line: Samsung Internet Privacy and Security

The Samsung Interner browser offers a good option to tackle the privacy and security of users. It’s great to see a feature like Smart Anti-tracking that works quite well.

Samsung Internet also offers a secret mode feature, if you don’t want to leave your browsing history traces. You can also enable passwords for the secret mode on Samsung Internet. But, do keep in mind that secret browsing mode will not block the web trackers, it just protects you from unauthorized access to your device.

With the help of the above steps, my friend has enabled all the privacy settings and now he can enjoy his social life without worrying much about privacy. I have also enabled these privacy settings on Samsung Internet.

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Hopefully, this helps in enhancing the privacy settings on Samsung Internet. What’s your take on these privacy settings? What are your current privacy and security settings?

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