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How to Enable Reader Mode View on Opera Computer

Learn how to enable the readers' mode in the Opera computer browser. Officially Opera doesn't support reading mode on the computer, but we can use extensions.

Opera browser for the computer doesn’t have native reader mode features, however, we can use the third-party add-ons to extend and add the reading mode feature. We can use the ‘Reader View’ Opera add-on which supports customization and make the page look the way we need. Reader mode help turning the web page declutter without any ads and unwanted elements for a kindle like reading experience.

Reader Mode on Opera browser

The Opera browser has repeatedly proved it is one of the best browsers ever. However, it may not be a complete package of all the features simultaneously. Browsers like Google Chrome have far more features than Opera, but Opera’s durability and efficacy are top-notch.

When a particular browser can not provide all its features at once to its users, it takes the help of add-ons or extensions to fill the void. The Opera Browser for the desktop does not have an in-built reader’s view like the other browsers, and we need to install an extension to do the job.

With the free Reader View add-on, you can easily browse any website in reading mode. You’ll have no distractions to deviate your focus and concentration.

The Reader View add-on is available in the Opera add-on store for free. We can install and activate it on the browser; it also supports customization.

Enable Reader View

Once the Reader View extension is enabled on the Opera Browser, you can freely browse through any website and read it like you’re reading a book or Kindle. We can customize the reader view as per our needs. Here are the steps to install the Reader View:

  1. Launch the Opera browser on your computer.
  2. Visit the Opera Add-ons website.
  3. Search for the Reader View extension in the web store.
    Opera add-ons Homepage with Reader Mode search
  4. Click to open the Reader View add-on page.
  5. Hit on + Add to Opera command button.
    Reader View extension - Add to Opera add-onsThe add-on will download and install automatically.

It will add the Reader View feature in the Opera browser. To access the view in readers mode, open the website and right-click on the context menu.

Switch to Reader View context menu in Opera Computer browser

Select the Switch to Reader View option from the context menu to enable Reading mode on the webpage. You can also customize the Reading view from the options available in the sidebar.

Opera Computer Browser Reader Mode options and Settings

By following the above steps, you can turn the reader’s view on any website you want and then browse through it smoothly.

Bottom Line

The Opera Browser may provide numerous valuable features, but it has undoubtedly failed to deliver an in-built reader’s view feature. However, it has rolled out the feature for its Android browser and may do the same for its desktop version soon. Till then, we can rely on the Reader View extension to do the job for us.

With the use of this extension, you’ll not miss out on anything because it works just the same as an in-built feature. It is highly reliable, customizable, and efficient as a built-in option.

Reader View extension omits all sorts of ads, banners, and other distracting elements from a webpage and makes it fit for reading. It is perfect for avid readers and learners. It also allows enabling dark mode reading.

How often do you use the reader’s view on the Opera computer? Do you think Opera should add this feature as native?

Lastly, if you've any thoughts or feedback on How to Enable Reader Mode View on Opera Computer, then feel free to drop in below comment box. You can also report the outdated information.

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