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How to Enable Reader View Mode on Samsung Internet

Reader mode is the best option to enjoy disturbance-free reading in your browser that will please your eyes. The reader mode can be enabled from the URL bar in the Samsung Internet browser. It also offers the customization option to change the background color, font type, and text size to make it comfortable to read.

Reader Mode on Samsung Internet

Anyone who spends most of the time surfing the web might know that many websites show plenty of ads, links, or other distracting information that may not be relevant to your browsing topic. This is annoying as it makes the web page unintelligible and prevents you from accessing the correct information.

To make the reading experience pleasant, Samsung Internet offers a simplified reader mode where you can browse pure content without ads or popups.

I am an active blogger and spend hours everyday by reading blogs. Some websites impede my reading fluency and comfort level because of the advertisements, visual clutter, and lack of access to pure content.

Samsung Internet’s reader mode also has the option settings that can customize the look at feel while reading. You can make the output like a Kindle.

Enable Reader View

Reader view is built into the Samsung Internet browser. If the blog post you’re browsing supports the reader view, you will see the reader view icon at the end of the website URL. Here are the steps to enable reader mode:

  1. Launch Samsung Internet on your Android smartphone.
  2. Open the website for which you want to enable reader mode.
  3. Tap on the Reader mode icon within the URL bar.
    Enable Reader Mode icon in Samsung Internet

This will enable reader view mode on Samsung Internet. Now the browser window will contain only the main web page content, no advertisements, and no popups.

Once the reader view mode is enabled, you can customize the web page, including background color, font size, and font family, as per your choice. To customize, click on the Tt button at the end of the website URL.

Samsung Internet Reader View Settings option

To enable it, you can disable the reader view on Samsung Internet by clicking on the same icon you have clicked. This will lead to a regular website mode.

Bottom Line

The reading view mode of the Samsung Internet is beneficial for browsing websites with fewer distractions. You can read long web page content without seeing irrelevant ads or popups.

The web pages load faster when the reader view mode is enabled.

What was your experience with the Samsung Internet’s simplified reader view mode? What changes have you noticed when the reader view mode is enabled?

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