How to Enable Simplified Readers View in Safari iOS/iPadOS?

Learn how to enable the reader views in the Safari on iPhone and iPad devices. The simplified readers' view helps in removing useless text and ad banners.

Most of the news websites these days are just bombarding us with ads and sponsored links. We are not able to differentiate between the actual website content and sponsored content which makes it difficult to digest the new articles.

Hence, to resolve this stupidity and make the content readable without any distraction, the Safari browser has a feature known as Reader View. It looks similar to the Amazon Kindle book and feels like we are reading a novel. Since I like to do a lot of reading online without distractions, I love this feature. It is as if I am reading a physical book but on the internet.

All we need is to enable the Reader View safari wherever applicable and the website will be automatically loaded in the plain text format without any intrusive ads. It also offers customization within the Reader view safari like changing the background color, choosing the different font types and sizes.

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A similar feature is also available in Chrome Android and Edge Android. However, the option to enable simplified reader mode will be populated on selected modern websites.

How to Enable the Reader View in Safari iPhone or iPad?

You can easily enable the reader simplified view in the Safari browser on iPhone or iPad with a single tap on the Show Reader View within the URL bar. The iPad reader view is an amazing feature.

Here are the steps to enable the readers’ view iPad on Safari iOS:

  1. Launch the Safari browser app on iPhone or iPad.
  2. Open the website URL that you want to request to show reader view
  3. Tap on the AA icon within the URL bar.
  4. From the available list, select the Show Reader View option.

Show Readers View in Safari iPhone or iPad

This will enable the readers to view within the safari browser any textual content or blog post including the news websites.

You get the option to customize the size of the display text, font type, and background color for better readability.

Customize Readers View in Safari iPhone or iPad

You can quickly turn off the reader’s view from the same option where you’ve enabled it. This will switch back to normal website mode.

We can also save the website page as a PDF file with reader mode enabled. Based on the font and style, the PDF file will be either saved locally or shared externally.

Bottom Line: Safari iOS/iPadOS Readers Mode

The Safari browser on the iPhone and iPad does offer the readers view safari with great customization as per your needs. We can change the background color, fonts, and even adjust the font size. It also removes the ads and other design customization making it clean and simple to read.

Whenever I visit a news site that is bombarded with unlimited ads and relevant related topics, I just enable the readers’ view safari. This helps in trimming down all the useless links and also the ads making the webpage comfortable for consumption.

Similarly, you can also enable the reader mode in safari mac computer. Just like Safari iPhone, Safari on Mac does offer the options to change the background color, font, and text size in readers mode.

Let us know what do you think of having a reader mode within the safari browser? And what website do you generally use for the reader’s view?

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