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Fix: This Connection is Not Private in Safari on Mac

Are you frustrated with Safari's 'connection is not private' error on your Mac? Learn how to fix the problem with our different troubleshooting methods.

Safari is an intelligent browser for tracking insecure and unsafe sites. It also uses SSL verification to identify security risks.

Safari will display a notice saying, “this connection is not private” if it finds any mismatch or mixed content.

You can troubleshoot the issue if it’s within your system mentioned here or the site admin to fix the certificate-related issues.

Fix: This Connection is Not Private in Safari browser

Does it happen to you when you’re browsing the internet, watching a YouTube video, sending out a mail, or doing your Paypal transactions, and suddenly nothing works? All you see is a ‘This connection is not a private’ alert in Safari.

There are a lot of shady sites on the internet that intend to steal your data, and having a secure browser is of utmost importance.

Apple Safari is a very secure browser that protects you from all the websites that can harm you. Whenever you try to visit a website not protected by HTTPS protocol, Safari will display an error message “This connection is not private.”

The main reason behind the error is due to digital certificates. It could be the case that the certificate is either missing or damaged. You can view the digital certification in site information settings in Safari on macOS.

Sometimes the outdated browser version, expired certificates, incorrect date/time settings, and server issues also cause the error.

We have listed a few methods to fix the issue at various stages. However, it is recommended if the site is not secure, you shouldn’t visit the site.

Hard Refresh and Reload the Page

The most common method to solve Safari’s “This is not a private connection” error is reloading the webpage. Sometimes there are too many users accessing the server at the same time. In such situations, the server responds slower to the users, resulting in an error.

Reload Page from Origin from in Safari Mac

If, for some reason, your browser cannot load the Digital certificates, you will also get the “This is not a private connection” error. You can use the keyboard shortcuts and press F5 or the Reload reload arrow icon icon in the browser to refresh the page; it may solve the issue. Or you can also choose the Reload page from Origin for better results.

Try Private Browsing Mode

Private mode or incognito browsing is standard in all browsers nowadays. The mode doesn’t list your history, cache, cookies, etc., keeping you anonymous. The website may have a security issue; therefore, launching the website in private mode can help to access the website. You should clear the cache and cookies if you can access the website privately.

Open the New Private Window

First, launch the Safari Browser to open the Private mode in Safari. Click on the File option on the menu bar and click on New Private Window; visit the website now and check if the error still exists.

Check your System Date and Time

An SSL connection error occurs when your device’s time and date don’t match the website according to the regional area. You must double-check your Mac time and date to resolve the error in Safari. It is part of basic troubleshooting guide that is often recommended.

  1. Click on the Apple menu.
  2. Select System Settings and choose Date & Time under General Settings.
    macOS Date & Time Settings page
  3. Check the time and date with your devices, and adjust to the correct time if required.

While data and time are automatically set, if you haven’t used your system for a long time, then a date and time mismatch might occur.

Clear Browser Cache and Cookies

Your Safari may have gathered too many caches and cookie files in storage. These data take up considerable space in your hard disk storage; when you visit a site, your browser reads through all the cache and cookie files to give you a pre-configured experience. It can become so slow that you can get the “This is not a private connection error.”

Here are the steps to clear cache and cookies in the Safari browser:

  1. Launch the Safari browser.
  2. Click on the Safari option from the menu bar and select Preferences.
  3. Go to the Advanced tab and
  4. Check the Show Develop menu in the menu bar option.
    Show Develop menu in menu bar on Safari macOS
  5. Close the Safari Preferences Window.
  6. Now, select the Develop option from the menu bar.
  7. Click on the Empty Caches option to delete the cache files, delete cookies, and clear all browsing history.
    Empty Caches from Develop menu in Safari browser

Check your Wi-Fi and Antivirus/Firewall

If you are using public Wi-Fi, someone can get into the Wi-Fi system and steal data from users who are using that Wi-Fi.

If you are confronting that this connection is not a private error in Safari while connected to public Wi-Fi, someone may be stealing data, or the Wi-Fi is not secure. Using a VPN is the best way to protect your data while using public Wi-Fi.

It’s also possible that your firewall and antivirus conflict with the website, causing the error. To resolve it, you can disable the firewall and antivirus. However, the site can be malicious. But, if you are sure the site cannot harm you, only disable it and try to visit it.

Proceed with Manual Caution Message

It is the last thing you should ever try to visit any website with an insecure connection error problem. You can manually visit the site. Safari gives users a choice. However, you will risk your personal information like bank details, etc.

this connection is not private error in safari macos browser

If the site is secure, click the visit this website option; Safari will load the webpage. However, be cautious; ensure you have disabled the site’s javascript, cache, and cookies for safety measures.

Bottom Line

Maybe you’re about to send that important mail or do an online transaction. This private connection error in the Safari browser has ruined countless hours for users like us. But the problem is minor, and you can easily set it up by following the methods above.

I have noticed that the issue sometimes arises because of a mismatch between date and time settings. Ensure your system’s clock is synced with the internet and set to auto mode.

And case you’re using a VPN connection, ensure you have given proper permission; otherwise, VPN won’t work.


What ways to fix the Connection not the private problem in Safari?

You can perform the hard-refreshing and reloading of the page, try private browsing mode, check the system date and time, clear browser cache and cookies, check your Wi-Fi and antivirus, and proceed with the manual caution message.

How to check the system date and time on Mac?

Click on the Apple menu, select Settings/Preferences, choose the Date and Time option, and check whether they are accurate; if not, correct them.

How to open the New Private window in Safari Browser?

Launch the Safari browser, tap on the File menu from the toolbar, and select New Private Window.

Lastly, if you've any thoughts or feedback, then feel free to drop in below comment box. You can also report the outdated information.

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