How to Hard Refresh and Reload a Web Page in Chrome iOS?

Learn how to hard refresh and reload the web page to delete the cache and cookies from the chrome iOS. It helps in clearing any page loading issues/errors.

We extensively use the web-browsers for exploring the internet, gathering information, and so on. And not to forget, Google Chrome is the most popular browser, be it for Android, Windows, or iOS.

I like to use my Facebook account on my Chrome iOS rather than using its native app. However, often I keep encountering the issue of the page not loading even after refreshing the page. I had to find a way to reload my Facebook page.

I keep receiving the same old posts and notifications repeatedly. Well, this often happens when the site cache gets overloaded in the Chrome iOS. So how do we get rid of this?

Using the safari iPhone hard refresh will help you delete all the existing files from your locally stored cache. Moreover, it will refresh the website and download the freshly updated contents from the server. So, if you are facing a similar issue and want to know how to perform safari iPhone hard refresh and reload a web page in Chrome iOS, you have come to the right place.

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Here, I have mentioned all the steps that will guide you from the start to the end in a very simple way.

How to Hard Refresh and Reload a Web Page in Chrome iOS?

The safari iPhone hard refresh is a process where you manually ask a webpage to reload itself. Similar to the desktop refresh button, when you force reload a webpage in Chrome iOS, it will reload all the data from the server.

This option is very useful when you are trying to access any website, which is not functional or freezing from time to time.

Safari iPhone Hard refresh or reload option in Chrome iOS also helps you to reload any web video or web audio with a single click.

Follow these steps to perform hard refresh and reload in Chrome iOS:

  1. Launch the Chrome iOS app on your iPhone or iPod.
  2. Click on the horizontal 3dots icon menu, present at the right bottom corner.
    Reload Command Option in Chrome iOS
  3. Choose the Reload command option, and it will reload the webpage again.

Alternatively, you can also pull down on the current webpage to go to hard refresh mode. Simply hold the webpage and swipe down. You will see the Reload logo when you release the webpage; it will load again.

How to Hard Refresh and Reload a Web Page in Chrome iOS? 1

If you want to refresh the webpage multiple times, the alternative method will be much more useful and time-efficient for you.

It will be helpful when participating in flash sales where you need to hard refresh your webpage again and you want the correct information.

Bottom Line: Chrome iOS Reload

Encountering website loading problems might end up being highly frustrating at times. However, by following the above-mentioned steps, it might take you a couple of minutes to resolve this issue. Yes, applying the safari iPhone hard refresh in your Chrome iOS is pretty simple and easy.

Moreover, it seamlessly clears your cache files and reconnects the offline contents to the online website on the server. If by any chance safari iPhone hard refresh is not working, then you can use the alternative to clear the cache in chrome iOS.

A hard refresh will help in refreshing the web page and reloading all the fresh content on the web-browser.

Even big websites such as Google, YouTube, or Facebook might freeze sometimes. In such scenarios, doing a hard refresh is the best and easiest solution to the problem. Performing the safari iPhone hard refresh helped reload my Facebook page and retrieve all the new posts and notifications.

Similarly, you can hard refresh the webpage in the chrome computer browser on your mac machine.

So, let us know how tough or easy have you found these steps to perform a hard refresh on your Chrome iOS?

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