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How to do Hard Refresh and Reload WebPage in Chrome Android?

Web Pages might stuck sometimes due to overloads. In such cases, you need to refresh those web pages in the Chrome browser. For better functioning, you can perform a hard refresh and reload the page in Chrome Android. To hard refresh your web page you need to clear the cache of the site by navigating the Site settings. Next, you need to launch the same Web Page and reload the page by going to the three dots in the corner and clicking on the refresh icon.

I often use the Twitter account on the chrome android app. I do not install native apps, however, I prefer to use most social media websites within the browser.

Every time I was loading the Twitter feeds at a given time interval, I was getting the same tweets. Due to some reason, the Twitter feeds were not getting refreshed as the chrome android site cache was heavily loaded. Hence, I thought of performing the hard refresh chrome to load the page.

The chrome android hard refresh will help in deleting the locally stored cache files and downloading them afresh from the server. The hard refresh chrome typically helps in refreshing the site asset and images via connecting online and re-downloading the data.

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Often when you’re accessing the offline page, the hard refresh chrome will help you reconnect to an online web server.

Perform Hard Reload on Chrome Android

There is no simple and straightforward option within Chrome Android to do a hard refresh. It is a two-step process and we can hard refresh the web page.

First, we need to manually clear the storage and cache data from the browser. And second, we need to reload the webpage to make the refresh happen.

Clear the Cache and Storage

If you are not aware, the Google Chrome app on Android allows you to view and clear storage from the browser. We can clear the data for the individual sites instead of the entire browser.

Here are the steps to view and clear cache storage of a website on Chrome Android:

  1. Launch the Chrome Android app.
  2. Tap on vertical 3dots icon the menu for more options.
  3. Select Settings from the list of options.
  4. Scroll down and tap on the Site Settings tab.
  5. Within the Site Settings open the Data Stored tab.
  6. Tap on the Site URL that you want to delete storage.
  7. Hit on the Clear & reset command button.
    Site Settings in Chrome Android for Pinterest

This will delete the cache, cookies, and storage of the selected website. This won’t delete any other website data apart from the selected one.

In case, you want to delete entire browser data, you can clear the cache and cookies of the chrome browser.

Reload the Chrome Android

Now that we have cleared the site data from the chrome android browser, just reloading the webpage will download the fresh files from the server.

Follow these steps to refresh and reload a website in Chrome Android:

  1. Launch the Chrome Android app.
  2. Open the website or webpage where you cleared the cache storage.
  3. Tap onvertical 3dots icon for option and menu.
  4. Tap on reload arrow icon the icon to refresh the website page.

Chrome Android Reload Icon

This will immediately connect the website and start downloading the fresh files from the server instead of browser storage. Since it’s the first time after the hard refresh, you might notice the delay in page loading.

The reload or refresh chrome also helps in connecting the offline webpage in chrome android to a live server and making it online.

Alternatively, you can also touch-hold-pulldown the website page until the reload icon appears on the screen. Once the reload arrow icon icon appears, just release the touch and the web page will be automatically reloaded.

Hard Refresh Chrome Android Hold and Pulldown

Bottom Line: Chrome Android Hard Refresh

The chrome android can easily help in clearing the cache and re-downloading the elements from the online server. The hard refresh also helps in connecting the offline page in chrome android to an online website.

After I started using the chrome force refresh, I was able to browse easily through my Twitter feed. Now, the tweets would load properly without any difficulties. The hard refresh chrome is an extremely effective feature.

Remember that, clearing the browser cookies can sign out the account, you need to sign in to the account after a hard refresh. You can use Chrome’s Password Manager feature to avoid manual entry with the password autofill feature.

Similarly, you can also perform a hard refresh on a chrome computer which pretty much works in the same fashion.

Anyways, let us know how you find the custom hard reload chrome? I wish chrome adds a built-in option to hard refresh the page, what do you say?


How to Refresh the Web Page in Chrome Android?

To normally refresh the Web Page in Chrome Android, you need to pull down the screen and let the web page get reloaded.

How to Hard Refresh Web Page in Chrome Android?

There are two steps included in hard refresh in the Chrome Android. First, you need to clear the site cache by navigating to the three dots>Settings>Site Settings>Data Stored. Now, clear the cache data. Secondly, you need to launch back the site and tap on the reload icon in the menu.

Can I hard refresh and reload the Web Page in Chrome Android?

Yes, Chrome Android allows you to Hard refresh and reload the Web Page.

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14 thoughts on “How to do Hard Refresh and Reload WebPage in Chrome Android?”

      1. Sometimes the hard refresh might not remove/ignore all the cached data. I usually found it more useful to manually remove the cached data and then refresh the page (on desktop browsers).
        Thanks for the post btw. I was missing the part on how to remove the cached data on my phone.

  1. Thanks for the suggested solution – but the page I’m trying to refresh just isn’t appearing amongst the “Data Stored” list. Any other workaround please, other than deleting cached data for everything?

    1. Hello @Andy and @ Mike, if the website isn’t available under stored data list, that means it’s already clear. You can simply reload the page and move on.

  2. I have tried the ways suggested but nothing seems to work. I can refresh Google Drive on my laptop which is synced to my phone. But I cant get the refreshed page on my phone. I need a few days before the refreshment is done by Google.

  3. I’ve tried all these suggestions and my page won’t refresh on Android. It’s fine on my computer, but not on my Galaxy S10+ with the latest version of Chrome and Android.

  4. Hi, I have tried all applicable above on a tablet/android/chrome. But no good result. (Refreshing on other devices/OS works OK)
    The site (on my server) does not show up in the list of sites. Also the refresh button does nothing (besides load the cached site again).
    I have tried all kind of touches etc on the display.
    Any other suggestions?

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