How to Hard Refresh and Reload Page in Firefox Computer?

Learn how to hard refresh and reload the web page in Mozilla firefox computer. This will delete stored cache files and also clear the browser cookies.

Have you noticed that when you visit a webpage you have previously visited, it loads faster than when the last time? Well, this speed can sometimes be negligible, but it is always there.

It is because the web browsers store data in the form of a cache to capture all the webpages you have visited. In case you revisit this page, the web browser will load the cache.

Now you might already see what is wrong with this. In case we make any update in content to the webpage, you cannot see it, unfortunately. That is why you need to hard refresh/reload a web page. I faced a similar problem a few days back when the page I was working upon did not show the new changes. To resolve it, Firefox hard reload was the only solution.

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In this article, I will show you how this is done in a few straightforward steps. Let’s get into it.

How to Hard Refresh in Firefox Computer?

The Mozilla Firefox browser has an in-built reload option command that helps in reloading the webpage without deleting the cookies and cache data.

Here are the steps to refresh the web page in Firefox computer:

  1. Launch the Mozilla Firefox browser on the computer.
  2. Open any website, say
  3. Click on the reload reload arrow icon icon to refresh the current page.

Firefox Computer Reload Icon

This will just reload the page and also remove any temporary errors. But, in case you also want to delete all the stored cache and remove the cookies, you should perform the Firefox hard reload operation.

Firefox Hard reload helps in clearing any major browser and website loading related issues.

Hard refresh in Windows/Linux PC

Here, there are two easy firefox shortcuts you can use to delete the stored cache and cookies on the windows/Linux desktop.

  • Hold down Ctrl, Shift, and the R key. (Ctrl + Shift + R)
  • Hold down Ctrl and press F5. (Ctrl + F5)

Windows Keyboard with Hard Refresh keystroke

Just choose whichever shortcut is easy for you to memorize and execute. Running those shortcut commands should do the work for you.

Hard refresh using a Mac computer

This also has two shortcut keys similar to the one in a Windows machine, only difference is the Ctrl key is replaced by the Command key.

  • Hold down Command, Shift, and the R key. (Command + Shift + R)
  • Hold down Shift and press the Reload command button. (Shift + reload arrow icon)

Mac keyboard hard reload

Based on the operating system, you can hard reload the page and download the fresh files from the webserver.

Bottom Line: Firefox Hard Refresh

When browsers store web pages to their cache, loading those pages becomes faster. This however means that you can miss any updates in case changes have been made to the webpage. This is where you will need to use the Firefox hard reload, which is a pretty straightforward task that can be done by a series of shortcut commands discussed earlier in this article.

The Firefox hard reload also eliminate any temporary errors that you encounter on the website. If the page is not loading properly, the Firefox hard reload will help in resolving the issues.

I normally hard refresh a webpage when I have taken over 30 minutes in visiting it. This is because I do not want to miss anything new that has been added to the page. Although it takes up a few extra seconds of your time, it is worth it. I also use it when I am working on a page that does not update itself with the new information. All in all, Firefox hard reload is a helpful option!

Tell us, under what circumstances do you hard refresh your web pages? The comments section is open for your suggestions and views!

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