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How to Manage Download Location Settings on Opera Computer

Learn how to manage the file downloads location and settings on the Opera browser. You can set a different downloads folder location and request every time.

The Opera browser has the ability to change the file download location that differs from the default Downloads folder. It also provides the option to ask the download folder everytime you download a new file. It helps when you want to save the downloading file in a separate drive or partition. The option to customize download settings is available under the Downloads section.

Configure Download Settings on Opera browser

Opera browser has constantly been improving its features and services to provide the absolute best to its users across the globe. It has made new enhancements and adjustments to its browser since it was launched to provide the absolute best to its users.

With the boom in the digital world, the amount of downloads per day has also expanded. We love downloading songs, videos, and files off the internet for entertainment purposes.

With everything shifting online, the downloads are not restricted to songs anymore, and even essential files are used for business purposes.

We wish to specify the download folder for our downloads as it will be more convenient to store it in one place. Moreover, a drive or partition that is already full can not hold more downloads, which needs to be changed. All these changes can be made by using the download settings on the Opera browser.

Let’s see how it’s done using the Download Settings in the Opera computer browser.

Manage Download Settings

The Opera Browser provides the option to manage your downloads and provide a destination for the same. It helps you check your computer storage and switch between the disk aptly. Here are the steps to manage the download settings:

  1. Launch the Opera browser app on your computer.
  2. Click on the Settings settings gear icon in the sidebar.
    Opera settings gear iconIt will open the Settings page in the Opera browser.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom and click on Advanced settings.
    Opera Browser Advanced settings hidden
  4. Again, scroll down to the Downloads section.
    It will display two options for download settings.
  5. Click on the Change for the Locations option.
    Download Settings Location Change command in Opera browser
  6. Choose the preferred new download location with Finder or File Explorer.
  7. Hit the Select to make the changes.
  8. Next, enable the toggle button for Ask where to save each file before downloading option.
    Ask where to save each file before downloading in Opera browser

That’s it. We have successfully changed the download location folder and enabled the toggle to ask before downloading a file. Now it’s easy to manage the downloads in the Opera browser.

Bottom Line

The Opera Browser is built with unique and valuable features for its users. It has made sufficient enhancements in its latest features to suit the needs of its users. This browser has always managed to stand out from the crowd and be the best among its contemporaries.

Since we’ve all moved our whole world to the internet, we have started streaming and downloading more than ever. From using it for our entertainment to downloading work files, we do it all on our browsers. It is crucial to manage our downloads and specify the download location according to our choice.

The Opera browser also allows us to enable the feature that asks where to save each file before downloading.

Have you changed your download destination too in the Opera computer browser?

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2 thoughts on “How to Manage Download Location Settings on Opera Computer”

  1. Modern opera mini doesn’t
    show pop ups and even videos and music can’t download, what’s the problem?

    1. Opera Mini browser is a trim-down version of the Opera Mobile browser. It doesn’t support modern web technologies like interactive design, downloading, etc.; it only provides faster browsing speed.

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