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Open Spotlight Search Results in Chrome browser on Mac

Do you want to open Mac's spotlight search results in Google Chrome? For that we need to set Chrome as the default browser on Mac computer.

macOS is set to open all the default links, including the spotlight search in the Safari app. However, we can change the settings to open search results in Chrome browser or any other preferred browser app.

To open the Spotlight results in Chrome, we must change the System Settings and set the Chrome app as the default browser.

In this guide, we have shared the steps to open spotlight search results in Chrome browser.

Set Chrome app as the Default browser app on Mac

Two different approaches exist- via System Settings and from the Chrome browser’s Settings. We have listed these methods below.

Method 1: Change the Default browser app from System Settings

Since Safari is set as the default app on Mac, the spotlight search result automatically opens in this app. Instead, we must set Chrome as the new default to open results. Here are the steps follow:

  1. Click on the Apple apple logo from the menubar.
  2. Select System Preferences/Settings from the sub-menu.
    Apple MacOS System Preferences menuIt will launch the System Preferences window.
  3. Select General Preferences from the System Preferences window.
    General Settings menu in Apple MacOS
  4. Click on the Default web browser drop-down option list.
  5. Select Google Chrome from the list.
    Select default web browser for Apple Mac from General Preferences window

That’s it, and the selected browser will become the default browser in macOS.

If you do any Spotlight web search and open the result, it will automatically launch Google Chrome and open the search result.

Method 2: Make Chrome the default app

We can set Chrome as the default browser from the Settings menu without visiting the system settings. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Launch the Chrome browser on your Mac.
  2. Click on the Chrome menu from the menubar.
  3. Select Preferences… sub-menu from the list.
    Google Chrome Preferences menu in MacOSIt will open the Chrome Settings page.
  4. Switch to the Default browser tab from the left sidebar.
    Default browser tab in Chrome browser with Make Default command button
  5. Click the Make default button.
  6. Hit on Use “Chrome” button to make the switch.
    Use Chrome as default browser on Mac computer

It will use the Chrome app as the default web browser across the macOS system. Any links clicked across the Mac will launch automatically in Chrome instead of Safari.

As soon as you set Chrome as the default browser on your Mac, all the web contents, including Spotlight’s search results, shall now open in the Chrome browser.

Bottom Line

You could instruct Spotlight to open the results in any web browser, including but not limited to Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, etc. All you need to do is change your default browser on macOS.

After changing the default app from Safari to anything you desire, the spotlight search result will directly launch in the set browser app.

Mac Spotlight Search Result Open in Chrome

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Kushal Azza

Kushal Azza

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2 comments and feedback

    1. Can you try restarting your system after changing the default browser to Google Chrome app?

      I can see the spotlight results suggestion to open in Chrome.

      Perhaps, there are chances that some suggestions might be appearing form Safari browser if you’ve used it in past. If that’s the case, then you can clear the Safari app’s cache and history to remove all suggestion from the browser.

      Spotlight search results appearing to open in Chrome browser after changing default browser app in Mac

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