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How to Print Page and Save as PDF on Opera Computer

Learn how to give a web page print and save as a PDF file on an opera computer browser. You can either Print as PDF, or choose directly to Save as PDF file.

The Opera browser on the computer supports the printing function. We can either print the webpage or save it as a PDF file from the browser. Alternatively, it also has a direct option to Save as PDF under the Page menu to store the webpage locally on the computer. These PDFs can be opened in Opera browser.

Print Webpage and Save as PDF on Opera browser

Opera Browser is one of the leading browsers in the world, with a fan base of more than a million users. What do you think attracted so many to this browser?

There are several reasons to love the Opera browser, but the main reason is its built, easy-to-use interface and the myriad of new features it keeps adding with every update.

One of the most essential and valuable features of Opera is: to save any webpage into a PDF on your computer. You can also use this option to print your documents and keep them safe.

Opera allows you to convert any web page you want into a PDF, along with the full text and images attached. You can print them out later for further research or as a keepsake.

Print and Save as a PDF

Reading and studying on a web page with distractions and ads can be daunting. But Opera makes it easier for you by converting a vital web page into a PDF document. Here are the steps to print and save as PDF:

  1. Launch the Opera browser on your computer.
    Ensure it’s updated to the latest version.
  2. Open the web page to save it as a PDF.
  3. Click on Opera opera logo for the menu list.
  4. Hover on the Page menu, and select Print.
    Print and Save as PDF option in Opera Computer browserThis will open the Print dialog window.
  5. Select Save as PDF under the Destination field.
    Save as PDF destination on Opera Browser
  6. Hit on Save command.
  7. Choose the location to save the PDF file.

That’s it; we can save any web page you want into PDF format on your computer. You can also use this PDF file to print the soft copy and keep it safe.

Alternatively, we can select the Save as PDF option under the Page menu instead of the Print as PDF command.

Bottom Line

The option that lets you convert any web page of your choice on Opera to a PDF document is beneficial and effective for anyone who finds ads and other distractions annoying.

With the PDF document, you will have nothing to deviate your attention or redirect you to malicious sites. You can devote your full attention to reading the desired web page.

A PDF file will also help you to save and keep your essential web pages carefully without losing them. You’ll always have them stored on your computer at all times.

Which web pages do you frequently convert into PDFs? Is it Wikipedia or anything else?

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