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How to Reopen Recently Closed Tabs on Opera Computer

Learn how to reopen the last closed tabs on the opera browser. You can choose the shortcut key or the option under the History menu to reopen recently closed.

The Opera browser has the option to Reopen the last closed tab in the Tabs bar context menu, which can also be activated using the keyboard shortcut. Alternatively, the Recently closed tabs are also saved in the Opera browser’s History menu, which is accessible and helps in relaunching the accidentally closed website tab.

Reopen Recently Closed Tab on Opera browser

Millions of users around the world have trusted the Opera browser. With its eloquent design and interactive UI, it will become your favorite browser, as it is for me. It also has more speed than all the other browsers.

Sometimes I am in a hurry or working excessively on something, and I accidentally close a tab I need the most and regret it later. We all may have been in a similar situation when we panicked due to a close deadline or just stressing over something beyond our control. At times like these, the Opera browsers reopen closed tabs feature is a rescue.

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Note: Reopening last closed or recently closed tabs won’t work if you use the private browsing mode or just cleared browser history.

Reopen recently closed tabs on Opera can easily open the mistakenly closed tab. It will save you time and effort and make you stress-free.

Reopen the Last Closed Tabs

One of the easiest ways to reopen closed tabs on Opera is using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + T (on Windows) OR Cmd + Shift + T (on macOS). However, if you are uncomfortable with shortcuts, you can reopen the last closed tab option from the tabs bar.

Here are the steps to reopen the last closed tabs:

  1. Launch the Opera browser on a computer.
  2. Go to the Tabs bar above the search bar, and right-click for the context menu.
  3. Select Reopen the last closed tab command.
    Reopen Last Closed Tabs option in Opera BrowserThis will directly open the tab you recently closed.

If you continue to hit the Reopen Last Closed Tab or keypress the shortcuts button, it will reopen all the recently closed tabs one after the other in the browsing sessions.

Reopen Closed Tabs from History

Opening a tab that you just closed can boost your productivity and save you some time for yourself later, which could have been wasted aimlessly looking for your closed tab.

Thankfully, the Opera browser keeps a record of all the browsing history logs unless you’re on a private window or have cleared your browsing history. Here are the steps to reopen the closed tab from the History menu:

  1. Launch the Opera browser on your computer.
  2. Click on Opera opera logofor the menu list.
  3. Select the History menu.
    This will display a list of websites you’ve recently closed.
    History Menu option in Opera Browser
  4. Click to reopen the website or page from the History list.

Alternatively, you can also open the Opera browsing History section by pressing Ctrl or Cmd + H on your keyboard and clicking to open the closed tabs.

The benefit of using this method is that you can select any older website or page from your browsing history.

Bottom Line

We all commit mistakes when we are in a hurry or have some stress looming over our heads. Often, we may close the tab we have been working on or touch it while trying to do something else, resulting in its closure.

At times like these, the Opera browser developers have provided us an option to reopen the recently closed tab immediately without much effort. It can be done simply by pressing keys on your keyboard if you do not want to take a long way home.

Reopen closed tabs feature in Opera browser has always come in handy for me whenever I have been in a hurry and committed a blunder of closing the most important tab.

How often do you use the Reopen Recently Closed Tab feature on your Opera browser?

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